Wed. Sep 18th, 2019
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Whats New with Fast Food Chains: Hottest Trends on the Plate

Its not only fashion that relies on trends. The food and beverage industry is also upgrading its services. The traditional menus of restaurants are now evolving to add unique dishes or improve the quality of food to answer the growing need for healthy food options and service. Fast food restaurants are no different. Their food choices and services are becoming increasingly varied to cater to the different preferences of their patrons.

Current Trends in Dining

Food is both a necessity and a luxury. Fast food places are everywhere. They offer different choicesfrom hamburgers and fries to Chinese food. Whether it is a high-end restaurant or not, its food variants are piling up. What are some of the popular fast food trends? Read on to find out.

  1. Going Vegan

Food rich in vegetables is on the rise. Fast food restaurants are no longer limited to chicken and meat. Vegan diet continues to dominate this year. Some of the most popular fast food places offer salads and vegetable-topped pizzas.

  1. Whats in a Food Bowl?

Bowls are still in demand. Possible contents include salads, burritos, bibimbap, and much more. Rice is no longer the most in-demand content of a meal in a bowl, even the ever-popular French fries can be combined with cheese sticks or hot dogs.

  1. Breakfast and Lunch=Brunch

Fast food restaurants are beginning to offer breakfast feats like pancakes and coffee the whole day. Gone are the days when these meals are offered before 10 AM, these days, selected breakfast food are offered the entire day. One reason for this trend is the cheaper price of breakfast meals as compared to their lunch or dinner counterparts.

  1. Local and Street Food on the Go

Patrons are now into local dishes. Restaurants are paying close attention to locally produced and organic food to encourage customers and to help out local establishments. Street foods are now given a new touch and incorporated in menus.

Technology Upgrades

  1. Faster Delivery and Apps

Time is of the essence. Not everyone has a fast food nearby. To maximize time, fast food restaurants are now using apps for deliveries and payments. Innovations in technology are shown through ordering digitally. Popular food chains are using apps for choosing and paying the orders before they can be picked up by the customer.

Restaurants are now following trends to make dining experience not only faster but also unique. New techniques and customer demands are applied in how they prepare the menu and maintain their efficiency. Some of these changes include serving more vegetable-based dishes, meals in bowls, availability of selected breakfast food all day, applying a unique twist to popular street foods, using locally-grown ingredients, and using apps for payment and delivery.

Customers are now given more options to choose from and they are not complaining. So next time you visit the nearest fast food restaurants, try the more unique food combination for an enjoyable meal.

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