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What You Should Know About ESB Or End Of Service Benefits For Domestic Workers In Saudi Arabia

Working as a domestic worker in a foreign land is not an easy fit. It is a gamble. You’re not sure as what you’re life will be when you get there. With all the abused going around your fellow domestic worker, you got to be prepared.

Aside from preparing yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally, you should also equip yourself with knowledge of what are your rights as a domestic worker.

Here, we’ll talk about ESB or End Of Service Benefits for the Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia.

What is ESB for domestic workers?

ESB or End Of Service Benefits for Domestic Worker means that all domestic workers are entitled to get a benefit (cash) from their employer after ending their service.

Aren’t domestic workers not included in ESB?

All domestic workers are entitled to this benefit. ESB for Domestic Workers is different from End of Service Benefit of the Saudi Labor Law where domestic workers are not entitled to ESB.

ESB for the domestic workers is stated at Ministerial Decision 310 of 1434 of Domestic Workers at the year 2013.

Who are eligible to ESB for Domestic Workers?

All domestic workers who finished their contract by 4 years of consecutively working are entitled to ESB for Domestic Workers.

How to calculate end of service?

Domestic workers are to receive a 1-month salary for every 4 years of consecutively working.

How about the years you’ve worked before 2013?

The years you’ve worked before 2013 or before ESB for Domestic Workers was implemented are included on ESB calculation.

Employers of the domestic worker who’s going to the final exit are required by the Ministry Of Labor to submit a final settlement. This is to be signed by the employer and the employee.

Another benefit you should know

Aside from ESB or End Of Service Benefits for Domestic Workers, you are also entitled to a ONE MONTH VACATION WITH PAY and ROUND TRIP TICKET for every renewal of your 2-year contract.

Do have more questions about end of service benefit or any other labor questions? The, follow these steps:

  1. Call Ministry of labor expatriates hotline number 19911
  2. Press 2 for English or 5 for Tagalog
  3. Enter your ID number to speak to an agent.

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