Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

What Schools In The Philippines Offer Homeschool?

With the COVID19 pandemic not ending too soon, a lot of parents are now considering homeschooling their children. And with that being the safest and most convenient thing to do right now to ensure the safety of your kids, the next thing to consider is the preparation of your homeschooling plan. 

We compile a list of DepEd accredited schools that offer homeschool, and we also included the costs of each of these schools. 

1. Homeschool Global

Homeschool Global (HG) is a tie-up between VCIS Home Study and TMA Homeschool. HG provides several choices for learning tracks, curriculum, and books to use. 

Tuition fee starts at 50,000PHP depends on the curriculum you’d want to enroll

2. Homeschool Pilipinas

Homeschool Pilipinas belongs to Homeschool Global’s COVID-19 response project, intending to provide more Filipino families access to home education. 

Tuition fee starts at 10,000PHP.

3. Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA) Homeschool

CFA Homeschool is a homeschool provider that follows the K-12 DepEd Curriculum using a realistic approach to the learning competencies as befitting a homeschool set up.

Tuition fee starts at 26,000PHP. 

4. School of Tomorrow

School of tomorrow or Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow Home Education Program is a Christian-based way of learning.

Tuition fee starts at 21,000PHP

5. Proverbs Ville Christian School

If you’re looking for a homeschool that specializes in teaching special children then Proverbs Ville Christian School is for you. They offer occupational, Speech, Orton Gillingham Reading, and Life Skills tutorial.

Tuition Fee starts at Php 22,500 – Php 30,600, depending on the grade level. 

6. Child’s Home Educational Center

Established in 1997, BF Child’s Home Educational Center is a DepEd accredited homeschool that offers services for pre-nursery up to grade 3. 

Tuition fee starts at Php 18, 000 – Php 28,000.

We hope that what we compile here helps you a lot. To know more about the schools and their curriculum visit this site

Source: The Filipino Homeschooler

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