Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
weak migrant worker

Weak Migrant Worker Left by Employer At The Airport, Collapsed

A migrant worker was left by the employer at the airport.

A series of photos posted online by a concerned citizen caught the attention of the Facebook netizens. In the photos, a weak migrant worker was unconscious at the airport. It is said that she was left by her employer there wearing only her thin uniform. It can be seen in the photos that two airport personnel were already assisting the migrant worker. However, it is not clear what happened to her after.

Her name was also not mentioned along with her employer’s name, address, and contact number. The name of her agency is also unknown.

weak migrant worker

Not a Filipino Overseas worker

One female netizen commented that the migrant worker is not a Filipino, but an Indonesian. She also pointed out that the pictures were from the year 2017.

“Pagkakaalam ko 2017 pa to e, at hindi to pinay Indonesian po sya.”

Another netizen replied to the comment and agreed that the migrant worker is indeed an Indonesian as she’s sitting to flights bound to Indonesia.

“Indonesian po sya..tingnan nyo mga katabi nya nasa Indonesian airport.”

weak migrant worker netizen comment

If it’s true that the migrant worker is not a Filipina, then it only shows and proves that Filipinos are not the only ones who suffer in the hands of their bad-treating employer. No one is excused whether you’re a Filipino or other nationalities. If you, unfortunately, fall into the hands of a bad-treating employer, then you will most likely be abused regardless of your nationalities. It also proves that working abroad is really not easy and is a gamble in one’s life.

Again, we hope that the Philippine economy will be able to support Filipinos so that no one will dream to go abroad anymore and sacrifice their lives in the hope of giving their family a better future.

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