Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
tearful goodbye

Watch this tearful goodbye of Chinese employer, child and Pinay domestic helper

A video is going viral on social media where the Chinese employer together with her little child is crying as they bid goodbye to their Pinay helper.

We all know that Filipino-care is very much different from other countries. They are known for being compassionate. Their care toward the person they love is way different than other race. In addition, this care is not only limited to the family but to friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or employer as well.

An emotional video of a Chinese employer, child, and a Pinay nanny crying while saying their goodbye to each other make netizens cry. In the video, both the employer and her small child is sad and crying to see their nanny go. The Pinay helper is also crying as she hugs the little child while saying something to her, probably telling her to take care of herself.

tearful goodbye of chinese employer

The video clearly shows the deep bond between the employer and her ‘nanny’.

Nowadays, it is hard to see a bond like this between employer and employee. Especially, domestic help where abuse happens almost all the time. We can’t also blame other employers if they somewhat feel awkward in having a very close bond to their nanny. Maybe they feel wary around them because admit it, not all ‘nanny’ is good same as not all employer is good.

Filipino netizens are not the only ones who were moved by the video, Chinese netizens as well. All of them can’t help to feel emotional as they witness the bond between Chinese employer and Pinay helper.

Other netizens wrote that she is thankful that the employer treats the maid right.

netizens reaction

Some also reminisce their past and extend his wish to meet their maid again.

netizens reaction

Others also talk about how rare it is to find a good maid. The employer must have treated the employer kindly that she received so much love in return.

netizens reaction
netizens reaction
netizens reaction
netizens reaction

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