Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
lose her sanity due to homesickness

WATCH: Pinay Worker Who’s Not In The Right Mindset Causes Commotion Inside The Plane

A Pinay worker in Saudi Arabia who is said to lose her sanity due to homesickness causes a commotion inside the plane.

There are many reasons why Overseas Filipino workers are called ‘modern heroes’. They not only help their family but also their employer and the country in exchange for themselves. By looking at the outer appearance at the lives of OFWs, one might say that they live a comfortable life, that being an OFW is easy but it is not. There are many things that OFWs endure. There’s this adjustment toward the people around them, the country’s culture and tradition, and the most difficult of all, the battle against homesickness.

lose her sanity due to homesickness

No place like home

Battling with homesickness is not easy at all. It is a battle against your own self, your own thoughts and if you’re not strong enough you’ll probably give in to it and lost your sanity. And in this case, a Pinay worker loses her sanity due to homesickness.

Commotion inside the plane

OFW JOIN FORCE – Ang Boses At Kakampi Ng Mga OFW Facebook page posted a video of a Pinay worker who causes commotion inside the plane. The Pinay worker acts and talks like someone who completely lost her right mindset. She talks about random things- she was sent by God to save OFWs, madam is beautiful, cherry is not beautiful. She even said that she doesn’t know her name. The plane crew had a hard time convincing her to get off the plane.

lose her sanity due to homesickness

It is said that the Pinay worker lost her sanity due to homesickness. It is not known yet to what is the name of the Pinay worker.


A netizen who claims to be the cousin of the Pinay worker commented on the post and said that her cousin is already safe at home.

she sumarago comment

Watch the video here: Facebook

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