Wed. Sep 18th, 2019
Youtube prank gone too far

Walmart Filipino Cashier Cries After YouTuber Cruelly Pranks Into ‘Firing’ Her

Social media is a big part of the daily lives of most individuals nowadays. Some use it for their businesses while others used it for fun. And in this case, a YouTuber decided to prank the Walmart workers and ended up offending one of them.

Lauren Love

Recently, a YouTuber, Lauren Love, decided to do a prank on Walmart’s employees. She pretended to be a high ranking corporate manager at Walmart store in Richmond, Texas and fired people out. In the video, Lauren targeted several employees and Maria Leones was one of them.

Maria was a Professor in the Philippines but decided to leave her profession and work as a cashier in Walmart to be near to her children and grandchildren. She has been an employee of Walmart for nearly six years and felt really crushed when the YouTuber pranks to fire her. Maria said that her husband was the first one to cross her mind at that time. Maria’s husband Eduardo had recently undergone triple bypass surgery and her job covers all his medical expenses.

Filipino Cashier at walmart with husband
Filipino Cashier at walmart

In addition, Maria added that she felt humiliated.

“I was really so crushed. I felt so little. I felt so powerless”

Meanwhile, Walmart didn’t like this social experiment also and leaves a statement saying,

“This prank is offensive and the people responsible is no longer welcome in our stores. We’ve taken actions on behalf of our associates, including asking YouTube to remove the video and calling their attention to the bullying nature of this hoax.”

Walmart statement

However, YouTube refused to remove the video since it doesn’t lead victims to fear the impending physical danger or cause serious emotional grievances to minors.

The YouTuber also refused to give interviews and expresses regret for pranking Maria. She claims that she gave Maria $50 in which Maria denied and said that she never wanted it.


Still feeling emotionally hurt after weeks from the incident, Maria leaves a message to people like Lauren Love.

“Be careful, emotions can be so dangerous.”

Source: YouTube

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