Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Vaccinated OFWs to be EXEMPTED on Quarantine Procedures?

As a result of COVID-19 ravaging the whole planet for two years in a worldwide pandemic, quarantine measures have become commonplace to prevent the virus’ transmission and spread.

On the other hand, quarantine has become a hardship, particularly for returning OFWs who have had vaccines overseas. As OFWs return home to their families, several have petitioned to lift the obligatory quarantine imposed on them.

Moreover, because the vast majority of returning OFWs had already received COVID-19 vaccinations while overseas, the virus’ transmission and dissemination have been significantly reduced.

Following the completion of the required COVID-19 vaccine doses, two members of Congress petitioned the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and the Department of Health (DOH) to relieve the mandatory quarantine placed on abroad Filipino employees (OFWs).

EXEMPTED on Quarantine

Rep. Rowena Nia Taduran (ACT-CIS Partylist) has proposed a seven-day quarantine for returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), claiming the risk of transmitting and spreading the COVID-19 virus is low, particularly for those who have previously gotten a total dosage of COVID-19 vaccines.

AP Party-list Rep. Ronnie Ong has voiced support for this request, claiming that “authenticated proof of vaccination” is all that is needed for returning OFWs to be released from the mandatory quarantine and permitted to see and be with their families.

With COVID-19 vaccines now available and overseas Filipino workers receiving a total dose of COVID-19 vaccines, many questions are needed for OFWs to be quarantined. Some suggested that they need to be quarantined as they can be carriers of the virus and infect their families. Some say that they need to return to their families as the emotional toll has taken them, especially during this pandemic. 

As for you, what is your opinion on this matter? Are you a YEAH for OFWs who are vaccinated to lift their mandatory quarantine or NAH for lifting their mandatory quarantine?

7 thoughts on “Vaccinated OFWs to be EXEMPTED on Quarantine Procedures?

  1. The title is misleading instead of being an information source. The exemption is but petitioned to IATF, not yet granted.

    Hope we can be more careful in disseminating news for OFWs. Salamat pa rin po!

  2. Yeah for fully vaccinated ofw including off course the fully vaccinated rof , it’s unfair if only ofw will not undergo to quarantine but the rof will do even both atre fully vaccinated.

  3. Yes 10days of precious moment wasted to be with family.i got 27 days approved leave so only 17 days only will be spent with my family .

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