Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

UPDATE: Pinoy Crane Operator Not Missing But Run Away

This week we posted about Filipino crane operator who allegedly gone missing after Saudi bosses along with the police fetched him. In the post, it is said that the crane operator Felizaedo Condes or Facebook profile name John Condes was abused not only by his Saudi bosses but his fellow Filipino coworkers as well. It is alleged that something happened to him and gone missing after his Saudi bosses returned without him.

Read: Pinoy Crane Operator Gone Missing After Saudi Bosses Allegedly Fetch Him

Runaway, not missing

However, a concerned Filipino coworker reaches to us and clears the issue. In his statement, Felizaedo Condes was not missing but literally ran away as what Saudi bosses had claimed.

The sender said that Condes’es claim of being beaten by a group of their fellow Filipino coworkers is not complete and is misleading everyone. He said that it is true that Condes was indeed beaten by a group of their coworkers. However, it only happened when Condes challenged and provoked them into a fight. Added that Condes omits the fact that he chased one of their coworkers with a knife. The reason for their other coworkers to react and beat him. And the chaos does not end there.

Refuses to mend the matter

The sender added that even when Condes along with their coworkers return from their camp in Jubail, he continued to make a scene that he even chased their supervisor and officer in charge who have different nationality with a knife. And when they report the incident to the police authorities, it became clear that Condes is the one at fault and we’ll be charged frustrated murder.

The sender doubts that Condes realized his at a disadvantage, the reason for him to run away. He emphasizes that Condes did not go missing but run away. Added that they have tried to fix the situation and talked about it peacefully given that they are all Filipinos. However, when Condes involved their Supervisor and OIC, it is a different issue.

To protect his identity, the sender asked not to name him. But, if demanded to face authorities and prove his claim, he is willing and will not think twice to do so.

Read our full conversation below:


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