Tue. May 11th, 2021
Transfer Residency Without Kafeel Approval

Transfer Residency Without Kafeel Approval is Now Possible

Ministry of Labor employees to transfer residency without kafeel approval in Saudi Arabic, if the employees meet any of the condition listed below.

“In a major move to help the private sector hire employees in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Labor will now allow companies falling in the red, yellow and low green categories of the Nitaqat system to transfer their workers to firm needing them” – Arab News

What are these conditions that you need to know in order to transfer your residency or iqama without your kafeel’ s approval?

1. Company status

The Ministry of Labor will permit you to change your sponsorship to another employer without allowing your current sponsor to know about it. If you’re in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an employee and when your sponsor or kafeel is under the Yellow or Red category, you could transfer to a new sponsor without approval from the kafeel. But in this case, you would be required to get in touch with the labor office.

2. Delay of Iqama issuance  

When you happen to be new to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and within 3 months of your employment, your sponsor or company fails to provide you with a Muqeem or an Iqama card, it is possible to change sponsors legally to a different company without approval from the current kafeel.  Moreover, in case your Muqeem or Iqama expired one month before and the sponsor decided not to renew it, you can also change to a new sponsor by requesting for help from the Labor office.

3. Unacceptable delay of salary

Should you be with an employer from whom you didn’t receive your salary for over 3 months, you could join another company freely. You can apply for a transfer to another sponsor without the approval of your present sponsor. You could read more on this about Transferring Sponsorship when you are in KSA. Many companies fail due to the Labor Ministry’s Wage Protection System of Labor Ministry but the employees under those companies can transfer sponsorship to a new company.

Given the conditions outlined above, the Ministry of Labor will allow an individual to transfer sponsorship to a new company. In case, you are currently employed by a company under the Green Nitaqat category, you are required to have a kafeel approval to transfer to another sponsor.

Below are the conditions that would not qualify an individual to transfer his/her residency

  1. Expired passport
  2. Invalid exit re-entry visa
  3. Traffic violation by either you or your sponsor
  4. Disapproved by the Ministry of Labor (MOL)
  5. If you run away or if you have absconding status
  6. Insufficient funds for a transfer service

Transfer Residency Without Kafeel Approval is a huge step in curbing illegal visa trading in other GCC states.

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