Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
janesien de vera enrique

Tragedy Instead of a Better Life, OFWs Encounter Abroad

All overseas Filipino workers have the same goal in working abroad, to provide a better future for their family. A goal that is not for themselves, a goal that is more valuable than anything else. A selfless reason for many Filipinos to still gamble working abroad despite the news of abused happenings to OFWs.

janesien de vera enrique

However, despite this reason and their determination, some OFWs met tragedy in the hands of their employer instead. A tragedy that left their family grieving and devastated. A tragedy where one asked, how can someone be so evil towards other people, in this case, towards their employees.

janesien de vera enrique

OFWs suspicious death

When talking about OFWs, especially, domestic helpers, most of the news you can read about are them being abused by their employer. A lot of Filipinos suspicious death in the hands of their employer had made headlines not just in the Philippines media but also abroad. Few of the recent OFWs shady death that left the family and other kababayans questioning the real reason behind it are the death of Nacasi Kamish, who said to have committed suicide but family’s shouts a foul play. The death of Constancia Lago Dayag and other Filipino domestic workers.

janesien de vera enrique

Deployment banned

These rampant abuses against Filipino domestic workers prompt the Philippine government to issue a deployment ban in Kuwait before. And only lifted the ban when a deal to protect Filipino workers in their respective country was made. However, despite the effort of the Philippine government to protect OFWs, many are still abused by their employers. An issue that has been going on ever since.

janesien de vera enrique

Determined to work abroad

As sad as it is, many Filipinos are still willing to work abroad despite the issue of abuse happening to OFWs. And we cannot blame these Filipinos as they are only doing it for their family. It is also true that the Philippine economy cannot provide a better salary for Filipinos, unless you hold a master’s degree, the reason for most Filipinos to gamble abroad. We can only hope a growth for the Philippine economy where it can provide more to its citizens. And also for the Philippine government to be more firm in protecting OFWs abroad.

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