Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
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Toronto: Old Filipino couple being shouted at by female racist Caucasian

A Look at the Skytrain Racist Rant

Public argument is an ugly sight. Shouting at an elderly couple is also a scenario we do not want to see.

But what’s worse is seeing an old Filipino couple being shouted at by a female racist Caucasian. It all started in Skytrain when a woman of unknown identity started ranting at an old Filipino couple for speaking too loudly in the said public transportation in Vancouver, Toronto, Canada.

The Spread

Another passenger named Paula Correa recorded the incident and a Youtube vlogger named Ashley Klassen uploaded the video which has been going viral. The rant started when the old Filipino couple was talking quite loudly and the other unknown passenger got angry because of this. The man apologized in English and told her that they really talk that way in their country. Instead of being pacified, the woman told them to go back to the Philippines and learn to speak English.

The woman was seen ranting even after the apology was given and a teenaged boy stepped in and told her to just leave the train. At this point, the angry passenger turned to the boy and called him a loser. The two got into an argument and the woman asked the boy to step out of the train with her. When the train stopped to let other passengers in; the woman stepped outside and turned to the elderly couple once more and told them to go back to the Philippines.

The Identity of the Irate Woman

According to the authorities, they are familiar with the woman, as reported by News 1130. She is 75 years old and is described to be easily angered. She has been known to do different things when mad. There was an indication that she was more verbally aggressive than physical. Correa told the reporters that the passengers apologized to the elderly couple on behalf of the woman.

Paula Correa shot the video because she wanted to show to others that this can happen everywhere and not just in specific places.

Racism as an Unending Issue

These incidents have happened so many times in different places. On Youtube alone, there are plenty of videos showing racist rants in different situations. While there are stories behind every video that viewers may not be aware of, racist rants remain unacceptable to this day. It is just unfortunate that this is an issue that has been going on for decades. There seems to be no end to it.

OFWs have their stories to share about racism. While it is unavoidable to argue with foreigners in other lands, every OFW who leave the country should take note of the cultural differences between the Philippines and the country where they will work for. Different places have varying norms, and as a foreigner who will work abroad, it is worth knowing to study the place and learn the Dos and Don’ts of the area. This can help in avoiding misunderstandings with other nationalities. Aside from this, maintaining ones cool and composure is a good way of diffusing tensions.

However, if push comes to shove, fighting for your right is necessary.

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