Tue. May 21st, 2019
Toblerone Was Stolen by NAIA Staff

Toblerone Was Stolen by NAIA Staff from an OFW Baggage

Allegedly a Toblerone was stolen by NAIA staff from the bag of an OFW despite having the it wrapped with plastic.

Another OFW fell victim from the staff of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after the baggage of de Los Santos was forcibly opened, despite the fact that it was wrapped in plastic.

Lourdes de Los Santos Ramila posted on April 16, on her facebook account the photos of her sister-in-law’s baggage, which according to her post, they were dismayed by the inability of the airport staff to take care of the baggage.

De Los Santos says that baggage of her sister-in-law was thoroughly wrapped with plastic but that didn’t stop the culprit to ravage and steal whatever is in the bag.

Her sister-in-law only manages to see her baggage after the carousels third turn.

They only found out that Toblerone chocolates were the only thing that was stolen from the baggage after they arrived home.

Toblerone Was Stolen by NAIA Staff from an OFW

They decided to post it on facebook to warn travelers, especially those who are going through NAIA be vigilant and to show how they are disgusted with the corrupt system.

NAIA-Tobleron bag
Toblerone Was allegedly Stolen by NAIA Staff from the baggage of an OFW

TOBLERONE-stolen from ofw

She would also want to get the attention of NAIA officials to exert more efforts to resolve multiple issues from NAIA airport staff.

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