Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

TIKTOK Alert: OFWs Are Warned Not To Include Employers/Buildings On Their Videos

Social Media has been an integral part of many Filipino lives. We use it as a means to connect to our loved ones and it is especially useful to many OFWs. Filipinos use social media to relieve boredom, share your status, and let everyone in the world know what you are currently doing.

But for OFWs in Saudi Arabia, it is different, posting photos of a government building is prohibited as seen in much Saudi Arabian government buildings where “No Photography” sign is posted, taking photos or videos of a person especially children and women without their permission is strictly prohibited, this also includes individuals who are involved in accidents, policemen, military men or traffic enforcers that are on duty (including checkpoints).

Those are just some of the rules many OFWs in Saudi Arabia needs to follow but one particular app has reached some Saudi Arabians’ concerns as this app is frequently being used by many Filipinos, this app is known as TikTok. 

TikTok allows you to create a short video with or without filter, using quirky or trending music, or even dubbing some famous lines. This app is of great concern, not only about data privacy, as many domestic helpers include their employer’s children or even their employer, as the rules stated earlier any person included in a photo or video without their permission is prohibited. 

Individuals caught in the act are punished or fined but many also said that they ask for permission in including their employer’s children or their employers. OFWs are strongly encouraged to practice caution in taking photos and videos. It is advisable to seek approval from your employer if you wish to take a photo or create a video with them. Asking politely should also be practice.

Be aware mga kababayan.. Napapansin na nila ang mga "harakat wasak" with post alaga while dancing in TIKTOK✌✌✌ Ingat po sa pagpopost

Posted by Fatima Samana on Thursday, June 25, 2020

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