Tue. May 11th, 2021
farm house style design

Thoughts on the OFW Farm house design ideas

Aspiring to have a decent home here in the Philippines remains to be the ultimate goal of every OFW who is working so hard in the international soil. It is exciting to have a lifetime investment especially if he or she plans to remodel an existing house or build a new one.

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farm house wood plank design style

There are a lot of good sources of modern house design or modern bahay kubo design and bahay blueprint which can be found either from printed materials or the internet. The internet can be a good reference for farmhouse plans, cost-efficient home designs and construction materials suitable for an allocated budget.

farm house style interior

Local real estate developers also offer different house blueprints together with details such as allocated floor area and estimated budget which falls within the capacity of the OFWs. Travel magazines, online publications, tourism videos and recent housing developments are also good sources of exterior and interior designs.

stone style farm house design

When talking about a relaxing atmosphere from the interior design to landscaping, the farm-style house design is considered to be one of the best concepts. It is composed of Softscaping and hard landscaping principles which are associated with a farmland setup. This only means that many of the allocated spaces are made simple, compact and closely designed to a natural farmland environment. A simple design would mean limited spaces but comfortable, application of natural light and ventilation, and easy-to-find materials are often sold from local suppliers.

Typical house design with a farmland theme is usually composed of 1-2 bedroom units, a standard bathroom, kitchen, living area and porch. Generally, eight to 12 square meters per person is the suggested minimum floor area required to achieve adequate living conditions. If there are five family members, a floor area of 48-60 square meters is suitable plus an additional 20-25 square meters for exterior landscaping. As part of a traditional barrio home concept, the toilet for guests has located two to three meters away from the main structure and usually, a concrete pathway is provided for access.

The application of natural materials such as wood and bricks is an element of a simple house design. However, these materials have become more expensive than industrial materials at modern times. This is why it is important to utilize the advantage of natural lighting and ventilation that will surround the entire structure. Different exterior landscaping elements are also included like tree swings, concrete benches, covered kitchen and garden trellis.

The farmhouse home design is considered an excellent concept with a personal touch that every returning or visiting OFW will surely appreciate it. Investing in a vacation house seems to be an exciting experience for those who want to create a lasting impression for their hard-earned residential homes.

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