Wed. Sep 18th, 2019
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The Traveling Mom

A mother’s sacrifice is indeed endless and beyond compare. And mothers truly deserve a reward for fulfilling their obligations no matter how difficult life may become.

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An active Facebook user labeled himself as “The Poor Traveler” has thoughtfully expressed gratitude to his loving mom by taking her to different places she had never been before. He and his mother just got back from their recent trip from Australia, bringing precious memories and experiences with them.

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The “Poor Traveler” account user recounted their first trip together when they visited Hong Kong for the first time many years ago. While riding a cable car in Hong Kong, the affectionate mother shed a tear, saying that she didn’t expect that she would be able to travel overseas during her lifetime.

His caring mother grew up in a poor family with six siblings. She only finished grade six since her parents could not afford to send all seven of them to high school at the same time.

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Her parents asked her to stay home, so she could help them in taking care of her siblings and earn a living as well. She knew the value of education at that time, but she could not do anything to support her studies alone.

The devoted mother promised one thing to herself when she started raising her own family. She assured that all her children would get a college degree, something that she was not able to have.

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As a breadwinner, the faithful mother worked so hard to send all her children to school from elementary level all the way up to college. The Poor Traveler, being the youngest, remembered how her mother sacrificed a lot in order to provide him and his siblings a comfortable life while growing up. With the full support of his mom, he and his older siblings were able to finish college with flying colors.

As a reward for her sacrifices, he promised to travel with her mother in various countries. This was the promise he made when he started earning well as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). Their first stop was Hong Kong and then followed with Japan, Singapore, Macau, Boracay in the Philippines and finally Australia. They visited Hong Kong twice as his mother enjoyed the beautiful mountainous sceneries and Filipino hospitality.

His appreciative son is now enjoying a comfortable life as compared before when he was still growing up. Though not mentioned, the lives of his siblings seem great and that’s because their mother made sure that all of them would finish formal schooling.

This is an inspiring story which clearly demonstrates the importance of formal education, something that everyone is entitled to. For all hard-working mothers, nothing could make them happy than seeing their children become successful in their chosen professions.

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