Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Mistreated OFW

The Sad Plight of a Mistreated OFW Who Died Inside the Bahay Kalinga in Saudi Arabia

Sabina Barroga Gipa was one of the many Filipinas who dreamed of giving her family a better life by going abroad. She applied as a domestic helper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was hired through a local agency.

She flew to KSA last April 11, 2018, with big expectations that in soonest time, she would be able to provide for her loved ones back home.


After two months, everybody’s excitement became a nightmare. Sabina’s first 3 weeks stay at her employer was good. She communicated with them regularly. On the fourth week, they could not contact her anymore.

She sent incomprehensible messages. She also told them that her employers were cruel and they were hurting her. Her family immediately sought the attention of her agency and informed them of Sabina’s condition. But the agency told them that there was no information that she was being mistreated and they believe that everything was fine.

On May 21, 2018, Sabina called her family through her brother-in-law and told them that her employers locked her and did not give her food.

She was terrified and hungry most of the time. Sabina was afraid that she would come home dead.

On May 22, 2018, her family was alarmed when one Filipina called them through Sabina’s FB account. She told them that Sabina was in MKANTANI deportation center.

She was shown via a video call. She was very weak but she was able to answer the questions that were thrown at her.


This prompted Sabina’s family to place a complaint against her employer through the agency. They also reported to her situation to UOMWA.

The family was advised to come back after one week. But it was too late, Sabina already died out of trauma and injury.

Now, her family is seeking justice to reprimand her agency, the MAYON INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION and its counterpart in KSA- the AL SAIDAN RECRUITMENT OFFICE for not rescuing Sabina from the clutch of her cruel employers.

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June 18, 2018
Pinay OFW sa Saudi Arabia namatay nalang sa loon ng Bahay Kalinga lugar kung saan tagapangalaga ng mga OFW habang pinoproseso ang kanilang pag-uwi.

Pamilya nagpasaklolo sa pangulong Duterte para maiuwi ng maayos ang bangkay ng nasabing pinay sa kanyang probinsiya sa Pilipinas.

Biktima raw ng pagmamalupit ng kanyang employer si Sabina Barroa. Nagpasaklolo raw umano siya sa kanyang agency subalit deadma lang hanggang sa namatay nalang ang kawawang OFW

PANOORIN: Video kuha habang nabubuhay pa ang nasabing Pinay OFW sa loob ng Bahay Kalinga.


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