Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

The Difference between Home Education and Homestudy

COVID-19 pandemic has really changed our daily lives, the ones normal activity before is not normal anymore such as going to school. Going to school has been the norm of many students, a face-to-face setup that most of us are familiar with. But with the COVID19 threat, this setup is not possible anymore. 

And as going to school is limited or “not allowed”, many parents are opting for home education or home study to at least continue the education of their children even when they’re at home. However, is there any difference between home education and home study? 

Difference between home education and home study

“Home education and home study are all categorized under homeschooling, the difference between the two is that home education is an open curriculum and more independent, while, a home study has a set of curriculum, and parents or teachers has to follow it”, according to Victory Christian International School (VCIS). 

Moreso, Edric Mendoza of TMA Homeschool said that the Home Education Program (HEP) has been supported by TMA Homeschool in the Philippines which has been a pioneer program of DepEd, whereas the Home Study Program (HSP) was modeled by Fr. Rogelio Alarcon of Seibo College. 

“The key contrast between HEP and HSP, as I would see it, is that the HSP requires classroom-based learning in the genuine traditional school set-up that gives the accreditation, HEP does not. This, hence, means different details in uniforms, classroom management, class scheduling, teacher-student interaction (vs parent-student), and fixed curriculum (vs flexible). The upsides and downsides of every choice likewise originate from this essential distinction,” Mendoza stated. 

As our society slowly adapts to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, education is still one of the priorities stuck in our minds. But choosing the methods in accessing quality education has been the concern of many people. With home education having an open curriculum it has the flexibility that allows different people to access quality education at their own pace, whereas, home study’s fixed curriculum sets a determined time. All of the above has its own pros and cons.

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