Mon. Mar 8th, 2021
DH Surprises Madam

Thankful Pinay DH Surprises Madam During Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s an animal or human being, it is always normal for us to return the act that has been done to us. For pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc., when you make them feel loved and appreciated, expect that these animals will double or triple the love you’ve been giving to them.

The golden rule, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

And that is also the same with us humans. When someone is kind to you, it’s normal that you feel the need to return that kindness as well, even in the simplest things you can do for that someone.

DH Surprises Madam

And in this instance, a Pinay DH ins Saudi Arabia, Maine Mangampo, surprises her madam during Valentine’s day. This is to show her madam how thankful she is for her kindness to her. In the post shared by the domestic worker, she asks her male employer to buy flowers as a surprise for his wife. In which the male worker agreed.

DH Surprises Madam

Maine said that her madam loves and is really touched with the surprise.

“Nag pasalamat madam ko habang naluluha kasi daw sa lahat ng naging katulong nya ako lang gumawa sa kanya ng ganito,” posted Maine.

DH Surprises Madam

Netizen’s reaction

Despite sharing her happy experience with her employers to spread positive vibes, there are still netizens who don’t like her post. Some commented that she should not be friends with her male employer as it might cause her trouble. Some also said that what she did is considered as ‘paepal’ or ‘sipsip’.

DH Surprises Madam

Moreover, some commented that celebrating Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia is highly prohibited, which others disagree.

Whatever the case is, what’s important is Maine is happy and her employers are happy as well. Also, different household has different rules. If your employers celebrate Valentine’s Day and are okay with surprises, then why not celebrate with them especially if these employers are super kind to you, right?

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