Mon. Jan 20th, 2020
Vien Chintaru Tenorio

Sweet Daughter Affectionately Asks OFW Mother To Go Home As She Misses Her A Lot

A sweet daughter of an OFW pleads her mother to go home because she misses her already. 

News of children rebelling to their Overseas Filipino worker parents is not new to us. It is also understandable for some children to feel angry with their OFW parents. The reason for this is they miss their parents a lot and don’t understand why their parents need to go far to earn money. They think that their parents choose to leave them over money and not because their parents wanted them to have a better future. Many of them will reason out that “they did not ask their parents to do that.”

This situation no doubts hurt the OFW parents a lot, and could not help to wish for their children/child to understand their reason. Understand that they’re doing it for them and not for themselves. 

Sweet daughter

While there are those children who do not understand their parents’ reason for working abroad, there are those children who understand it perfectly. The same with this daughter, who sweetly asks her mother to go home. 

Vien Chintaru Tenorio, a domestic worker in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia proudly shares her conversation with her youngest child who sweetly asks her to go home, saying that she misses her a lot and even counts the months remaining for her to go back home. 

Being touched, Tenorio asks her daughter what she misses about her and teases her daughter that she only misses how she scolds her in which her daughter readily agreed.

She then cheered her daughter saying that only a few months more and they’ll be together again. Reminded her to not be a naughty child. In return. her child sweetly agrees with her and encourages her mother as well, saying, 

“Kapit kamay tayo dalawa ma nakangiti kapwa masaya.”

In the end, they bid each other’s goodbye with a sweet message. 

“Goodnight anak, mahal na mahal kita.”

“Love you too much and I miss you too so much. Goodnight ma.” 

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