Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
stranded ofws

Stranded OFWs Asked Help To Send Them Back Home

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker is really not easy. Yes, you can earn lots of money but the sacrifices and hardships they endure are no jokes. You can say that when they already take off, leave the Philippines, all is fine and they can now relax but, you’re wrong.

The difficulties they faced, form applying a job to acquiring requirements don’t stop the moment they take off. The moment they arrived at their destination, they still have to adapt to the culture as well as to the new faces around them. Aside from that, they also need to adjust to their work environment and workmates.

Hardships don’t end

And when they finished their contract, you think they can now relax but still don’t. Because the horrible truth is, they can only relax and leave in peace when they’re already in the Philippines.

Stranded OFWs

A group of OFWs asked help from Philippine government to help them get back home. According to their spokesperson, it has been 7 months since they had finished their contract and still not able to go home.

The reason?

Their Iqama is expired that’s why they can’t get an exit visa.

In addition, the spokesperson said that they already asked helped from POLO and OWWA in Riyadh but seems like both agencies are having a hard time helping them.

The name of their agency is East West Center Inc. in Makati and their past company is Wajhat Glass and Aluminum Co in Saudi Arabia.


From what we gathered, expired it’ll be difficult for these OFWs since their Iqama is already expired. POLO will have a hard time helping them since the issue is out of work. The agency and their company will not help them in renewing their Iqama either since their contract is already finished and Iqama is very expensive.

We hope that someone or the Philippine government will shoulder the renewal of their Iqama so that they’ll be given an exit visa.

Watch the full video below:

To: Philippine Embassy Riyadh Paki assist itong mga OFW na nangangailangan ng tulong para maka uwi sa Pilipinas.

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