Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
Stranded Domestic Workers In Al Khobar

Stranded Domestic Workers In Al Khobar Tearfully Ask For Help

A group of Pinay domestic workers tearfully asked for help to go back home in the Philippines.

Like we always said, being a domestic worker is really not easy. It takes courage and determination. However, even how courageous and determined you are nothing really prepares you to what you’ll encounter working abroad.

stranded Pinay domestic workers

The same with other overseas Filipino workers these stranded Pinay domestic workers also gamble their lives abroad to help their family in the Philippines. However, despite their hopes to find a better life working abroad, they encounter misfortune in the hands of their own employer instead.

We all know that some Filipinos blame these abuse domestic workers for choosing to work abroad despite the clear reality that most are abuse by their employer. However, we can’t really blame them to what happened to them for they do not ask it to happen them. What they only wanted is a better future for their family. Sadly, some did not achieve it.

Stranded Filipinos

Domestic workers who were abused by their employer and now staying in Al Khobar accommodation desperately asked for help to be able to go home in the Philippines. According to them, they feel like going crazy for the loneliness they feel staying there. They are not allowed to go outside, have nothing to do except browse the internet through their mobile phone. However, the very one thing that gives them joy and allows them to communicate with their families is threatened to be confiscated.

stranded Pinay domestic workers

Full of loneliness about their situation and longing to be with their family in the Philippines. They tearfully asked everyone to help them fly back home.

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