Sat. Jun 6th, 2020
Expired Iqama

Steps In Processing Exit Visa With Expired Iqama

Problems with documents i.e expired Iqama is one of the many reasons that OFW faces difficulties abroad. And for this matter, we will talk about filing an exit visa and expired Iqama. So the question is, can you file for an exit visa if you have an expired Iqama? The answer is yes.

Yes, you can file for an exit visa even if your Iqama is already expired, provided that you process it within the thirty days of your Iqama’s expiration or what they called, grace period.

How to do this?

Your employer must log-in to his Absher account and select the button “issue work permit for final exit”. They can also go personally to Jawazat Office.

But what if your Iqama is already expired for more than 30 days or you only plan to have a vacation? You have to renew your Iqama because this is a requirement of the Jawazat Office.

Can you file for an exit visa without employers or sponsorship? The answer is no because only the indicated sponsor in your Iqama can process it. However, if your Iqama has been expired for so long and your employer has no plans of processing it, you can do the processing yourself. You just need to go to the Saudi Ministry of Labor and give the appropriate details needed.

Note that you have to know a little bit of Arabic to do this because Arabic is the official language of the Saudi Ministry of Labor, and documents are all written in Arabic. If you don’t know any Arabic, you can ask someone from there to help you.

Lastly, can you file for an exit visa even if you don’t have Iqama? Yes, you can, but it’s risky. You have to surrender yourself to Saudi Police Station, and they will be the ones to find ways to repatriate you, this is what you called deportation. Other than that, it is also not good if the process for deportation will take long and they might send you to detention. So better ask help directly from the Philippine Embassy.

Note that this processess are only intended for OFWs who don’t work as domestic workers because they are the ones who have the freedom to go out.

Watch the full instructions here:

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