Tue. Dec 11th, 2018

Sold To An Abusive Employer, Filipina OFW Made A Video Plea To Rescue Her

Overseas Filipino Workers who experience maltreatment from foreign employers, particularly from the Middle East should be given extra attention as they are the most prone to abuse. Most of them are being physically and emotionally maltreated by their employers by putting them to work non-stop and worst, sexually abuse them.

Please Help Me, Raffy

Another OFW from Saudi Arabia posts a video pleading to call out Raffy Tulfo for a rescue. A Facebook netizen, Shienalyn Cuizon Juntilla calls out her family and anyone who knows her to help her as all she wanted is to go back home.

Deaf And Blind

She elaborated that she was sold to another employer, who is, unfortunately, being abusive. The woman claimed that she has reported the incident to her agent and agency as well, but it seems like they are turning a blind eye.

Brushing Off The Problem

At first, Shienalyn admitted that she hid her real situation with her family and friends because she does not want them to worry about her. But things get tough and the problem became unbearable, thus a video pleads for a rescue. She isn’t being abused by her male employer but the latter’s wife does.

Juntilla’s Whereabouts

Juntilla shared her whereabouts if ever someone lends a hand to rescue her. She also divulges the name of her employer who sold her to another one.

Moreover, the Altaka Agency from Malate was the one who handled her and is now being deaf to her sentiments.

Netizen’s tagged Raffy’s Facebook page so as to draw attention. Shienalyn’s post has reached more than 10k views and is continuously being shared by many. The woman is urging the netizens to share her video to at least reach the government agencies such as the Department of Labor and Employment and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

Netizens have been praying for her safety and giving her so much hope that someday she’ll be able to surpass such storm.

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