Tue. May 21st, 2019
toilet and bathroom in 1

Sibling Asks For Help For Her OFW Younger Sister

An older sibling is asking for help for her younger sister.

Rhenzkie ZeroOne posted on her Facebook timeline about the current situation of her younger sister who’s also working as an OFW in Qatar. In her post, she said that her sister showed her bed- a little mat in front of the toilet room.

toilet and bathroom in 1

She also said that her sister had not eaten any food but fruits for five days.

Kawawa nAman kapatid ko dito sa Qatar😭😭 Umiiyak ako kanina habang kachat ko pinakita niya yung tinutugan niya😭 nasa harap ng CR tas 5’day ng walang kain ng KAnin puro prutas laman ng Rep

In addition, she said that her sister did ask her employer to send her back to the agency but her employer refuses for a reason that she had already paid for her services.

ayaw ibalik ng amo niya sa egency kasi nabayaran na dAw

Rhenzkie did not mention the name of her younger sister. She was also not able to provide the exact address of her sister. In her words, her sister has no idea what her employer’s address is because she’s still new to the household, only 1 month.

Many netizens empathize with the younger sister’s situation but some also advise to endure it. Said that she’s still blessed because there’s still food she can eat. Added that most Arabs do not eat rice.

Mswerte prin cya nkakakain prutas ung iba po hlos di kumakain mdalang lng tlaga cla kumakain ng kanin.

Also added that it’ll be riskier to change employer. She might encounter an employer who beats her household help. Said that at least her current employer is not hurting her physically.

Kung lilipat cyang employer nkakatakot pa kc d nya alam paglilipatan nya bka mamatay tao p malipatan nya atleast jan d cya cnasaktan tiis tiis lng cya ang buhay abroad di biro iba nga nilolock p kusina tlagang mga katulong ung bumibili mismo ng pgkain nila

Source: Facebook

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