Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
dubai airport New Baggage Rules

Sharjah Airport Authority Introduces New Baggage Rules

Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) has released new baggage regulations to further improve Sharjah International Airport’s performance. Travel bags should be 60 cm wide, 75cm high and 90cm long, with one flat surface minimum.

dubai airport baggage size rules

If you’re a frequent traveler to UAE, it’s best to know the new SAA baggage rules implemented last December 4, 2018. The new rules apply to all passengers’ check-in baggage in conjunction with the maximum allowable weight. According to SAA Chairman Ali Salem Al Midfa, the new guidelines aim to help airport personnel speed up time in sorting out luggage.

Sharjah International Airport will no longer accept bags that may cause delay to its existing baggage-handling operations. Al Midfa also warned that passengers who are non-compliant to the rules will have their luggage declined at the check-in counters.

dubai airport baggage size rules

As per the new policy, all bags should have at least one level surface, meaning round and irregular shapes are automatically rejected from the arrival point. All check-in baggage should not exceed 90 cm long, 60 cm wide and 75 cm high. Sharjah Airport Authority also prohibits the use of ropes to tie up two or more separate luggage. Two individual items, either taped or wrapped together, are not acceptable for check-in.

dubai airport new baggage rules flat surface

Passengers with luggage exceeding the SAA specifications have the option to send their belongings through the oversized baggage counter. They will process this special service according to the weight limit of the passenger airline with help from Sharjah Aviation Services. For a minimum DH20 fee, they can transfer the content from your rejected luggage into cardboard boxes and then deposited for check-in.

The recent baggage regulations aim to improve the current competitive level of Sharjah International Airport in the region. With the new policies, they expect the airport terminal to reduce baggage mishandling which often results in damages or loss of personal belongings. SAA also expressed that the new regulations will boost Sharjah Airport’s overall performance, increasing its baggage handling capacity. The newest baggage specifications intend to develop better baggage transfer from one country of origin to another destination.

SAA has already notified all airline representatives and local travel agencies about the newly released baggage rules. SAA Chairman Al Midfa also pointed out that Sharjah Airport will not accommodate any luggage that is non-compliant to any of the rules. Travelers are advised to check out the posted information on SAA’s official webpage.

According to SAA 2018 statistics, there’s a 5% increase in the number of luggage accommodated during the first six months this year as compared to the same period last year. With these new regulations, Sharjah International Airport aims to bolster service efficiency on baggage transport, brought by the continuous increase of airport users every year.

Sources: ArabianBusiness | GulfNews

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