Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Sexually Abused Pinay

Sexually Abused Pinay Threatened By Employer To Not File A Complaint

Filipinos choose to work abroad in the hope of providing a better future for the family. Despite the fact that many Filipinos, especially, domestic workers are being abused by employer, many are still willing and determined to gamble working abroad.

However, though determined, and only wanted a bright future for the family, it is also given that some Filipinos encounter misfortune working abroad instead.

Sexually abused by employer

The same with other unfortunate OFWs, this particular OFW was sexually abused by her employer. The OFW had told her story to an OFW advocate, Ka Bong, where she reported that her employer had r@ped her many times.

She also recalls how her employer still touches her private parts whenever he gets the chance.


Afraid to file complaint

Despite her poor situation, the OFW endures it and did not file a complaint in fear that her employer will act on his threat. The OFW said that her employer had threatened her to cut off all of her communication to her family if ever she dares to report him to authorities.

conversation 2

Out of fear, the OFW remained silent of her true situation and tries to make a deal with her employer and asked him politely to allow her to go home. However, her employer just told her that he will think about it.

conversation 3

Convinced to file complaint

To help the OFW, Ka Bong convinced her to be brave and file a complaint against her employer and thankfully, Ka Bong succeeded. The OFW is now filing a complaint against her employer.

Paki usap dapat lagi lakasan ang loob kung hinalay ka na Isa o dalawa beses mag sumbong kana wag kayo matakot, si…

Posted by Ka Bong – Migrant Rights OFW Advocate on Thursday, August 29, 2019

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