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Senate Bill to Abolish CPD Law Approved in the Senate?

Senate Bill No. 2073, an act to abolish the CPD Law approved in the Senate?

MANILA – Good news to all professionals! An act repealing the CPD Law was approved in the Senate.

Senate Bill No. 2073 known as an “Act Repealing Republic Act No. 10912, Otherwise Known as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016,” has been approved in the Senate on third and final reading.

The passage of the law will repeal all other laws, executive orders, resolutions, rules and regulations and other issuances pertaining to RA 10912. The act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the Official Gazette or in at least two (2) newspapers of general circulation.

Ever since it became a law, many professionals have been clamouring to repeal the CPD law due to the high costs of training, seminars, or other activities are undertaken that is related to their professions to earn the necessary CPD units. Thus, the act was deemed to make the process costly, more bureaucratic, and unnecessarily regulative.

The above statement was posted by 911 Philippines Supporters FB page.

Most if not all Professional are happy about this news if this was indeed true. Most of Filipino professionals think that the CPD law does not do any good to anybody except for those who are making these seminars, workshop, and whatnot as a business.

Overseas Filipino workers are the most affected by this law since it is very difficult for some to earn the required CPD points in order for them to renew their respective licenses.

Are you in favor of abolishing CPD law?

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178 thoughts on “Senate Bill to Abolish CPD Law Approved in the Senate?

        1. you need CPD? For what, to waste your money? Aw, mayaman ka naman cguro. Kalokohan ang CPD law na yan, bunga yan ng kagaguhan ni Trillanes. Gina lang yang negosyo ng mga nagsasagawa ng training.

    1. I absolutely agree to abolish CPD law.. walang kuwentang batas nagbibigay daaan lamang sa maraming corrupt sa gobyerno na magkamal ng perang ayaw nilang paghirapan.. we in the givernment must serve the people hindi magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan..

    2. Yes agree what if we cannot renew because were out of the country it is so unfair for us OFW but intterms of seminars were equiped here US certified by PSS system useless that forsome struggling very expensive atthe same time time consuming

  1. implementation of cpd law? ..burdensome to us professionals…. moneymaking scheme to others…….repeal of cpd law? perfect action of the senate. at last nabunotan kami ng tinik sa aming propesyon.

  2. 19th October 2018
    Dear All Senators
    Maraming salamat po sa inyong pagmamahal sa aming mga OFW, at nandun po yung puso at kailanga ninyo. Nais ko pong ipahatid ang akin pong hinaing at concern about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD Law) authored by Sen. Trillanes, at ito po ay naging PAHIRAP po sa lahat ng mga professionals at lalo narin sa katulad naming pangkaraniwang mangagawa na professional OFW’s na ang nais po namin ay mabigyan ng konting ginhawa at aming mga pamilya na magkaroon ng magandang edukasyon at by the grace of God ay magkaroon din ng munting sariling tahanan na masisilungan, dahil po sa aming pagta-trabaho sa ibang bansa bagamat masakit at malayo sa pamilya , ay kinailangan po naming tiisin at mag-sacrifice para aming pamilya.
    Katulad po namin bilang ordinaryong Arkitekto we need to earn 45 cpd pts. so we can renew our PRC ID. Assuming po say Php.500/ cpd pts.x45pts. = 22, 500 pesos or say 250/ cpd pts.x45pts. = 11,250 pesos, plus added processing fee. + EXCLUDED the following if the seminar is far from our places that can be added into our expenses. ex. Natcon (National Convention) if the venue is in Manila, so those professionals residing in Visaya’s & Mindanao will travel going to manila just to earn cpd pts.
    1. Food and Clothing = xxx amt.
    2. Transportation allowance = xxx amt.
    3. Board & Lodging = xxx amt.

    Ito po un karagdagang pahirap sa aming mga professionals instead na this amount ay magagamit namin para sa aming FAMILY for our daily needs. Ang mangyayari po ay mababawasan pa po un kikitaan namin sa aming mga regular na sahod. At habang panahon na kaming maglalaan ng BUDGET at maraming oras para lamang po dito sa CPD law to earn the required points. Kaya po sa aming pananaw and in a reality this is A BIG BURDEN to ALL Professionals.
    I humbly request Nawa ito po ay MA-ABOLISH in soonest time, and if possible with your power as our beloved President maaksyunan po ang aming kahilingan. God Bless. Maraming salamat po.
    1. Not All expats (OFW) has day off & not all countries has available chapter and other no access on the venue/place. (i.e. WORKING in the midst of the sea or desert & other duties on night shift)
    2. Not all OFW- working in the companies allowing their staff/workers every week or every month JUST to take a leave for to earn CPD points. bec. it will disturb their operations of the company.
    3. Not all OFW are BLESSED, but SADLY others are not receiving salary on time, others DELAYED for 3 mos., 8-mos…. and VERY SAD Not RECEIVING SALARY at all from their EMPLOYER. And OUR govt. knows that by DOLE, like what was happened to our OFW in Saudi Arabia.
    4. No SALARY No FOOD that’s why other OFW’s professional were begging & hunting of food in the market or in garbage JUST to survive everyday for a LIVING. ( By the HELP of our Good DOLE Sec. Bello III they were safely return back to our country.)
    5. Helping the OFW – So CALLED “MODERN DAY HEROES” and to STOP the illegal recruiters/agencies it might NOT happened these KIND of abusive to our BELOVED fellow citizens from their Bad Employer. (Our Pres. Digong Rudy Duterte is very serious and his HEART to help our OFW’s) Hoping as well this CPD Law will be ABOLISH and it is A BIG HELP for us to ease the BURDEN OF PROFESSIONALS especially the OFW’s professional.
    6. SO in general HOW? the PROFESSIONALS could earn FREELY for CPD without much involve monetary and it’s not fair to OFW wherein the number one (1) contributing for the ECONOMY of our country? WHERE IS NOW THE SO “CALLED MODERN DAY HEROES” FOR OUR OFW’s? without any consideration that the LIFE of OFW has experienced of HOMESICK & sometimes Abuse from Bad Employer, AWAY from our FAMILIES and LOVEONES.
    7. Many Professionals leaving our country bec. the main REASON we don’t have much available JOB and by ratio that every YEAR increasing license professionals STILL under unemployment… ️. plus awaiting BUDGET for to earn CPD points required, WHILE hunting for a JOB, it is a BIG BURDEN.
    8. Like nurses, engineers, architects, doctors & others are working abroad the main REASON to uplift their FAMILY living, and their one (1) month VACATION given by their employer for every TWO Years just to spend their TIME for FAMILY Bonding, so there are no TIME to SPEND for to earn CPD points.
    9. Other professionals like women are leaving in our country, and I believe even though it’s against their will. Accepting a job to become OFW as DH for their FAMILIES it’s a VERY difficult decisions for them, but their priority is to give their FAMILY a good, decent living and a good education for their children, and looking HOPE to work abroad, BUT unfortunately many of them were MALTREATED by their bad employers.
    9.1 Working for more than 8 hrs. a day and no day off.
    9.2 Physically and verbally abusive. ( that causes of mentally ill or death)
    9.3 Not given complete salary & other are delayed for 3 mos. or more.
    9.3 Not given regular food to eat and worst others left-over food.
    10. Where is the fair and just consideration, wherein till DEATH all professionals are mandated to earn CPD pts. regardless of AGE. Plus added payment to PRC so called for processing fee for the cpd pts., But before there were no added processing fees and senior professionals were exempted of CPE.
    11. Today we are on a NEW Technology why not for renewing PRC ID’s will make it easy and quick if it is possible into 5-10 days processing, WITHOUT REQUIRED CPD POINTS. Also to punish all illegal practitioners.
    “ONCE Again, may our Govt. officials to act on it, from Senate, PRC/Prcboa /Prof. Org. & Other concerns, to Check & STUDY this CPD Act, or to “SUSPEND OR ABOLISH IT”
    TO make it FAIR & JUST to All Professionals for to ENJOY our SERVICES & PERFORMING OUR DUTIES NOT HINDERING US TO RENEW OUR PIC’s of No CPD Pts. Reqd.
    GOD BLESS US & Thank you..>>>>>>> ️ ️ ️
    Arch. Luisito C. Tiamzon – OFW-BAHRAIN

  3. Abolish Civil Service Eligibility for Government employees but rather replace it with a Qualifying Exam RELATED to the Department or the job one is applying for.
    Na-sisindikato ang Resulta kasi ng Civil Service Exams at Karamihan ng mga Mayorsbpinapaboran pa rin anh mga sariling HUGOT EMPLOYEES nila over the qualified employees lalo na when it comes to regularization… ginagamit na dahilan din na dahil wala na raw ang “magna-carta” nananatiling casual ang ilang employees at UTILITY lang ang position kahit halos pang-department head na ang ginagawang trabaho.

  4. Maraming salamat Senator Rector…dapat kasuhan lahat ng gumawa ng batas na ito na minsan naging pahirap sa lahat ng Professionals!

  5. Sayang naman. The best that could have been done was just to amend it. Itinuloy ang CPD, pero yung mga specialty societies/groups/organizations na ang mag so shoulder ng fees dahil napakalaki ng annual membership fee nila na hindi mo naman alam saan talaga napupunta. And if these groups shoulder the CPD Courses for FREE, dapat hindi sila payagan na basta na lang magtaas ng annual membership fees, unless 90% ng total members ay sasang-ayon ng increase. Isang REQUIREMENT na gagawin para mapanatili ng mga grupong ito ang kanilang organisasyon ay MAG-CONDUCT NG CPD Seminars ng LIBRE.

    1. Agree code of ethics of mechanical engineer General Principle Rule 3. The Mechanical Engineer shall update and enhance his professional knowledge and skills through assidous research and study, and meaningful participation in continuing educational program ang seminars conducted or authorized by the PSME or educational institutions supervised by the state.

  6. Thanks so much senator Recto for the bill repealing the CPD law and to the rest of the senators who voted to abolish it, mabuhay po kayo! That CPD law by trillanes was indeed a nuisance as i myself didnt have the time to renew my PRC license due required CPD units! So dumb of trillanes to author that useless CPD bill! He shouldnt be voted in the senate again as he is only good in picking up a fight, better for him to be behind bars!

  7. Yes i strongly agree! We are not receiving good pay as nurses here in the Philippines then this law came out additional expenses!!!!!!! If it’s for free then it is a good thng ! Please just ABOLISH it !!!! Thank you!

  8. its so sad to hear that most of the comments have not yet enlightened about the the nature of the cpd. even before the law has took effect, there are some professions who are implementing cpd for them to be competitive in the market. I have the same sentiments as most professionals regarding the cpd points not until I attended last few days ago and I was enlightened that we dont need to spend money just to earn points. There are so many eays to earns points. It is not only limited to seminars, workshops or conferences. Sa workplace pa lang natin we can earn some points. we have several activities. all we have to do is make some write-ups and submit it to the PRC for evaluation. Kulang kasi ng information and dessimination ang PRC about this law. And by doing so, everyone could earn units for free. Attending seminar is just one of the option….

    1. I agree with the CP Education since we need to refresh our knowledge and harness our skills HOWEVER it should NOT be mandatory for renewal of license in PRC because it didn’t really serve it’s purpose. One, it became a money making machine for some, a burden for those with strained finances. Two, not all professionals appreciate the importance of CP lectures: as exemplified by a relative who just signed the attendance sheet then went touring around. Third, the timing and availability of seminars may not be convenient or feasible, or the topic may not be relevant to the profession but since it’s the only one conveniently available to earn the required units.

    2. Dude, let me ask you, is CPD really necessary? Does it actually make such a huge improvement for a professional’s career, that you’ll spend your precious time/money/effort for it?
      Apparently, most of these seminars are just time-consuming, boring, costly, and honestly just a waste of time.
      And you’re saying attending the seminar is just one of the option, but let’s be real here, how are you gonna comply those 120 units, 60 units, 45 units ? Is it really worth the effort getting measly points from some other source that you’re talking about?

      Now, with your point that CDP helps some profession be competitive in their careers, the keyword is SOME, now why apply it to all profession? and mandatory ?
      If you really want to continue learning even after schooling, then choose a course/profession that applies what you’ve learnt, like be a scientist, a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse, an entrepreneur etc.
      Again, let me ask you, is CPD really necessary?

    3. ayaw nila ng FREE dahil wala silang MAKUKURAKOT.

      Kung gusto mo ng CPD, mag CPD ka mag isa mo. Wala naman pumpigil sayo. Go ka lang boy,

    1. Hello everyone… I just happened to attend an Orientation about the CPD Policy, Guidelines and Accreditation just last week. I agree to r.a.m, because CPD is one way of upgrading our knowledge, skills, competence and effectiveness in which we need today since we are in the millennial generation. If we see and try to read the Resolution No. 11 series of 2017 if not mistaken, this provides us the different options in gaining the credit units.
      For us teachers, we can easily gain the credit units because we have lots of IN-SERVICE Training for free. What we need is to accredited these training to NEAP which is a CPD provider. It takes a lot of preparation but we cannot do about it. Personally, I like the idea of making all professionals competent in their field but sana their is no desire number of points upon renewal of license because that makes it stressful.

      1. I am from a private school. It is true that as teachers we need to be abreast in many ways. I have been doing that ever since by continuously read and get a lot of materials. The INSETs they approved to earn units are only those conducted by the public school. They require us to train our teachers by getting speakers from the public sector. What we had was so boring and it seems to repeat what we already know.

        We have recently attended conferences that had enriched our knowledge and gave us new tools in performing our noble task. so much beneficial but there were no credit units. Another thing is that it cost less.

  9. Kaka-file pa lang po ng Senate Bill 2073 authored by Senator Recto. In fact it still isn’t listed in the Senate website.

  10. It was a great relief to know that it will be abolish and should expedite the law as soon as possible.Many of us professionals are tremendously inconvinient by this Law. Glad it will be remove.
    To the senate kudos for making it pass

  11. Yes, I strongly agree to abolish the CPD Law, okay lang sana kung yang CPD na yan ay libre e triple ang gasto, ikaw pa ang pupunta sa mga seminar, lodging mo pa, pagkain. So triple triple talaga ang gastos, kaya dapat ipawalang bisa na yan. Salamat po.

  12. CPD Law? Ok sana kayang lang obvious masyado na ginawa lang business ng mga ogok na politician.
    1. Teacher. Bakit ang gagastos para sa CPD kung ang kasalukuyan kong trabaho ay titser.
    2. CPA. Current job ko ay accountant. Bakit magbabayad pa sa seminar sa cpd

  13. Yes I agree. Kahit libre pa ang seminars to earn the required cpd points problema pa rin sa time at other expenses especially sa mga OFW’s kaya mas nakabubuti na totally abolish / repel the CPD Law.

  14. yes, abolish the required CPD law, what we need is to mandate the different professional organizations to offer seminars and workshop for free or for a very minimal fee, since we are paying for our membership fee.

  15. Pwede rin naman ituloy, but this must be provided free for all professionals, hindi un ginagawa lang kaming milking cow sa mga revenues na nakukuha nila sa mga registrations fees na napakalaki tapos ang liit liit lang ng points na binibigay. Halatang pera-pera nalang talaga ang objectives sa mga organizers.

  16. Pahirap lang yan.. pano po ung mga professionals na nakapasa sa prc tas nakatambay lang? Kaawa awa dba? Come to think of it.. CPD law is full of burden.

  17. How much learning do you expect from a 30-minute (or so) lecture during plenary sessions?
    I got more from Google (at no cost) compared to what I gathered from attending conventions.

    1. CPD should be abolished. Professional development is a personal choice.
      I’d rather attend a non-accredited CPD seminar that is in line with my job and less expenses than a seminar just for the sake of earning CPD units.

  18. Dapat talagang i abolish yan dahil ang nakikinabang lang dyan ay ang mga nagko conduct ng seminar, ung mga speaker na feeling consultant pero ang totoo e mas marami pang karanasan at nalalaman ung mga professional na nagwowork abroad.

  19. Continuous profession development is good kasi nauupdate ang professionals pero sa mahal nito, madami talaga aaray..instead of using the money for the needs, napupunta pa pambayad ng seminar for yung sched pa..kasi mostly aabsemt kasi naghahabol ng units..ok lang sana kung mura lang at kung di masasagasaan ang ok lang sama kung malaki sahod..kaso di tinignan yung side na yun..di naman lahat ng professionals ay mayaman to provide pambayad..sana di one sided nung ginawa ang law..therefore, I strongly agree na iabolish ito..

  20. Salamat kaayo sa akong nadunggang pag ampo! Gracias atodo ya entiende diamon sentimientos porkawsa konese Cpd, Bien magastos gat se, poreso nungka io bota kun trillanes kay ele se el ya ase ley. Gracias

  21. CPD is just an avenue of money making. We will not learn much because of the hectic time in the seminar. We are professionals and we know already on the theoretical side. What we want to learn is the practical side. It can not teach in school because of the restriction of the Intellectual property right.

  22. Yes. Abolish it immediately. Bakit kasi pumasa itong Bill sa Senado. In our Bureau, we have mandatory Seminars and Mandatory Schooling’s so we do not need this CDP. At kung gusto mong mag attend ng CPD, you have to file a vacation leave and it is not assured if your application will be approved specially when it is Red Alert. Sayang lang ang oras at pera dito. One more thing, baka mas magaling pa kami kaysa mag tuturo sa seminar. we have been practicing our field of profession for years.

  23. Yes, CPD is a big help for professional updating, however most of time it entails big expenses aside from the fact that schedules are so hectic and draining of energy and means. May I suggest that it will just be earned freely.

  24. We professionals who are active in our field are in the process of continuing professional development. Such seminars conducted by these organizations are a big waste of time and money.

  25. I believe the intention of the CPD is good but should not be compulsory, it should be optional. The RA 8991 mandate to issue license to professional who passed the board exam given by the agency. I think the law authored by Sen, Trillanes has not given much study, it is like the TRAIN Law, the impact is catastrophe to the economy of the country which drive the people become poorer. I think the CPD is a legal impediment to the implementation of RA 8991, considering the only requirement of the law is to passed the examination and no mention of needing other requirement as CPD points. In fact, during the practicing of the professional is a continuous study itself since every project include different challenges which require solution is acceptable to the client. I think the only reason that license professional employed in another field of work because the availability of opportunity here is limited and in this scenario, professional looks for opportunities outside of the country.

  26. abolish it. continuing development is a personal option. for development to be effective, this must be carried out in the context of the individual circumstances otherwise it will become a burden and defeat its purpose.

  27. I SAY NO IN ABOLISHING THE CPD LAW. Earning CPD points encourages professionals to update their skills and knowledge on their profession. This type of learning has been practiced by the medical profession for decades to help the quality of life of patients. Also, it unifies members of professional organization and product providers to a common goal not seen in other professional activities. In time, these CPD events will greatly help uplift professional standards. AGAIN, I SAY NO IN ABOLISHING THE CPD LAW.

    1. we don’t need CPD at all.. if your concern of standard practice we both have the same standard here and abroad the thing is the the implementation of work in abroad is that engineer is literally out on the field discussing and supervising under the sun but in our country practice, engineers is waiting for white envelop in their respective office so that they can approved the work..

    2. walang pummipigil sayo na mag CPD, kung gusto mo ikaw na lang!

      isa ka sigurado sa mga ahas na CPD provider na nagnanakaw ng pera na pinaghirapan namin. hayop ka walang kwenta naman tinuturo sa seminars

  28. Tama lang na ma – abolish yan, hindi naman makakatulong yan, dahil pahirap pa lalo sa mga Professionals ang batas na yan…ang may pakana niyan ay konektado sa mga nag papaseminar para lang gumawa ng pera..good to know na abolished na ang batas na yan bago mag expire ang license ko…thank you!!!!

  29. pa imbestigahan na din kung sinong nag sulong ng batas na iyan para malaman kung meron siyang pansariling inters sa pag sulong ng naturang batas.

  30. Yes, I am in favor of the abolition of CPD as requirement for license renewal. Pasakit talaga hindi lang sa mga OFWs. Thanks to the initiative of Sen. Recto, keep it up sir sana huwag kayong magsawang i-pursue ’til it will be abolished. Mabuhay po kayo!

  31. Mel E. Liwanag – Of course we definitely agree to abolish this CPD requirement for professionals. As we grow older and nearing retirement, it is very unhealthy for us to be sitting the whole day attending seminars, where, pardon this comment, not all resource speakers are good lecturers. Some of my co-professionals attending seminars, sleep the whole day sitting, just to earn 8 CPD units. The fees are so burdensome to us who do not charge high professional fees to clients or who are classified as small time practitioners. It would be better for those who no longer can tolerate whole day sitting in a cold room to subscribe to newsletters from our associations for new government updates concerning our practice, like formats and new requirements for reporting. If I may suggest, only young professionals who just passed the board exams should be required to attend seminars FOR ONE YEAR ONLY to introduce them in starting their practice. If big time corporations would hire these young professionals, they should pay for the seminar fees required. I think most of my co-professionals will prefer to subscribe to newsletters from our association than to sit the whole day in a room, after paying high fees which we need for our family.

  32. Thank you for Sen. Ralph Recto for continuing support for all the professionals, I am one who will support for your career in politics, moreover the finality of this cancellation will be published 15 days prior to approval of the senate which will be on Nov. of first week 2018 am I correct?

  33. Senator Ralph Recto, paki sama nyo na din po ang pag ablish ng CPD for ECE’s may CPD po din kasi sa batas na RA9292. Paki-damay nyo na po king mga Electronics Engineers.

  34. With or without CPD, as professionals, we continue to pursue education through training, seminars and workshops, in-service training and etc. We don’t need CPD law to continue learning.

  35. abolish this law! isang pahirap sa mga professional yang cpd units na yan. meron or wlang cpd, we professionals are continuing our knowledge and skill thru our own learning and based on work experiences. ive attended seminars so that i can renew my license and what the hell, so expensive seminars and what do i get, few learning and few units… its really a waste of time and aksaya sa pera! i totally agree to abolish this!!!


  37. kasalanan ng ng nagpasa ng CPD units lalo tayong pinahirapan. lagi naman tayong nagaaral para mapabuti ang trabaho natin. pinasa yan ng isang senador para magpasikat. di niya alam lalo tayong pinahirapan. akala magdalo sila, yung pala magdala lang pala. kritiko na nagpapahirap sa bansa.

  38. Hindi naman po siguro sa ”CPD law does not do any good to anybody” kasi kung iisipin din natin we need to refresh the knowledge we earned from our education. CPD also means continuous improvement or may be innovation for us to deliver excellent service to our clients however, the government or those in the position should make a way para naman hindi masyadong magastusan ang mga empleyado. Imagine the registration fee, transportation fee, food and lodging at iba pang kailangan pagkagastusan in attending these seminars. I’m not saying to conduct seminars or workshops all for free pero sana naman may counterpart din ang government.

  39. this is a very good news to all professionals burdened by RA10912. but this newly enacted law should not only be the repeal of RA10912 but should be the total abolition of the CPD requirements prior to the renewal of professional license. prior to the enactment of RA10912 there are already other professions requiring the attendance of seminars before they will be issued with certificate of good standing by their professional organizations like the Geodetic Engineers of the Phillipines and the real estate service. this should also be repealed.

  40. With or without CPD, as professionals, we continue to pursue education through training, seminars and workshops, in-service training and etc. We don’t need CPD law to continue learning.

  41. Senate Bill No. 2073, an act to abolish the CPD Law approved in the Senate.
    This is a very good development for all the registered professionals under PRC (Professional Regulation Commission). It shows that this bill not gaining a support and construed additional cost-corruptions.

    The PRC should investigate, this is part of the anomaly that making all the professional as a milking cow.

  42. Not only professionals but mostly all agents of Real Estates businesses are affected by this law and its IRR. REA who are not 2nd year college or without 72 units of major college subject are required to take a Continuing Professional Education before granting a PRC license .Like you can not be granted a license as a real Estate Broker without completing a CPD seminar. After finishing a CPE then CPD you will be issued another license from HLURB before practicing real estate marketing or selling otherwise agents of this board will going around checking agents if they have the necessary papers,if not warning is given for them to secure the required documents

  43. why do you need CPD??? di kaba natuto sa pagtatrabaho mo? kaya nga sabi nila experience is the best teacher diba?..mga gumawa ng batas na yan, pera pera lang gusto..lahat ng pinagpapaguran natin, gusto mapunta sa mga palad nila..kaya sana maaprubahan yan

  44. Thanks God! the CPD has been abolished already. It just gave us a hard time renewing our Professional licenses. Thanks senate also for your tact and good judgement! God bless and more power to you great men!

  45. Continuing education is necessary for us to learn about the new trends in our chosen professions. If you want to get ahead, then learn and upgrade your skills but it should not be mandatory. There are skills being learned as one practices and those are not being given points. Dapat maging fair din, if one is in active practice then dapat hindi na required yun continuing education. To those who have chosen other careers na hindi related sa profession nila, yun dapat maging mandatory ang continuing education to ensure that they are abreast with the current trends. Just my thoughts.

  46. The companies that need to provide or update the skills of their employees shall enroll them to some training to make them efficient in their work. With the CPD law, the training proponents are milking the professionals with the expensive training portfolios and laughing the way to the bank. Besides, this requirement is adding burden to the PRC hierarchy who will impose and monitor to the letter this law to each professional. What a waste of time, money and effort! There would be scenarios wherein this law will be abused. For example, those training proponent or any unscrupulous being that might produce fake certificates for a fee to accommodate the applicant who missed the required training and cramming to renew his PRC license. So this CPD law should be abolished. Who cares for these professionals? They should be themselves and know what is best for them. They should be resourceful. We are now in the internet era where all information is available to update them about the needs of their profession, the least. We hope we will no longer think and bother of CPD compliance to reach to our pockets and spend our valuable time needlessly.

  47. Abolish! Or at least bigyan ng exemption nagtrabaho or nkatira sa abroad. Pinaghirapan nmin lisensya nmin sa Pinas, guto ko pag nauwi pdin ako sa Pinas RN pdin ako, kya keep ko PRC ko. Pero pag me CPD pa eh ano na ngyari sa 1-2 linggo ko na bakasyon? Tama na ang responsable sa improvement ng isang professional ay sya rin, kung nagtratrabaho yan sa Pinas, mga employer nya ay may requirements para enhancement nmn cguro ng empleyado nya. Kung unemployed nmn d mpipilitang guamstos para mkapagrenew lang ng lisensya. Sa dami ng pera ng PRC sa mga exams, renewals ng lisensya, ibigay ang seminar na libre sa tao. Dyan sasang-ayon ako na ang gobyerno ang tumulong sa mga taong bayan. Para ma enhance ang mamamayan. Kung sino nakaisip neto ipamigay mo ang pork barrel mo sa mga tao para mka attend ng CPD. Mganda idea, pero not applicable sa bansang mahirap, gaya ng PInas!

  48. In house coaching and mentoring will do diretly you can internalize and improve skills better? Those designing the module are not even technically equip, a money making scheme corruption

  49. Ganyan kasi ugali ng ibang Pinoy, puro reklamo. K to 12, reklamo. Hindi nila alam na kailangan ito para maitaas ang antas ng kalidad, husay, kaligtasan, etc. as explain by PRC.
    Kumpara sa ibang bansa, kulang ang taon ng edukasyon sa ating bansa bago ipatupad ang K -12 na naging dahilan para makwestyon ang educational attainment ng karamihang Pinoy workers sa ibang bansa. Ang CPD ay kasalukuyang din ipinatutupad sa maraming bansa para sa parehong dahilan. Ang mga Pilipino, gusto lagi madaling buhay, shortcut, lotto people. The reason we don’t have a Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, etc. Magbago na kayo.

  50. yes. .this is the best approach to help professionals particular OFW’s in helping the burden of CPD requirements. Most professionals who are already employed with their relevant professional practice are already compliance with professional experience. Thank you dear senators who help professionals.

  51. CPD is good for relevant cources particularly safety, health, environmental, and security. Most of these cources are accessible online. Cpd as it is implemented becomes not relevant when cources offered are time consuming, costly, and not significant. Cpd rules out university cources and prc board exams as sound education in favor of crash courses. Work places are the common places of continuous learning and most agencies have internal and external personnel training for compliance before any personnel is appointed for specialized job. Company’s Integrated management system standardizes work practices. Most of these cpd cources are just show case classroom avenues but don’t offer hands on experiences and expertise are not gained overnight and quickly forgotten. Cpd shall be abolished by the way it is badly implemented and dismal quality of facilities provided by seminars organizers for the fee collected. Venues are cramp and inhospitable very insulting to the attending professionals.

    1. Absolutely yes, I do agree very well to abolish this kind of money making by most of the people who convey seminars. The topics or knowledge that are being discussed in the seminars are not necessarily needed by some professionals.
      However, any group or organization can promote a seminar they wanted but it should not be mandatory to concern professionals.
      Those who wanted to attend in their own prerogative.
      We know it very well that most (but not all) of those who holds proffesion with PRC license ID are not exercising the major things that they have learned in school in the job position that they holds. It seems that the professional license serves only to have a higher chance in having a good position or classification in having an employment.
      Therefore I strongly agree that the CPD law be abolished.

  52. As a profesional, agree naman ako na dapat may continuing education tayo to improve our practice. Pero sana wala ng points. For as long as may maipakita kang updated seminar/training from accredited APOs ok na sana yun. At dagdagan ang mga APOs pra hindi nman mamonopolize ng ilan lang. Ang nangyayari kasi since isa or 2 lng ang APO napakamahal ng reg fees (di pa kasali mga accomodations, travel expenses, etc kung sa probinsya manggagaling) at napaliit lng ng points. For a two-day seminar mataas na ang 14 pts. So kung gayan lng ang pts, isipin nyo kung ilang seminars ang dapat iattendan to earn the 45pts. Mind you, sa aming profession, hindi bababa ng P 6,500 registration pa lng! Hindi naman lahat ng professionals mayaman! Pro bono pa nga kadalasan. Kaya pahirap po talaga itong cpd points. Pwede naman siyang wag totally iabolish baguhin lng ang mga guidelines.

  53. yes abolish na, sa wakas makakapag renew na ko. problema ko nga kung saan ako kukuha ng pera para sa cpd seminar na yan. may nababalitaan din ako pwedi din bumili lang ng certificate. nag aksaya lng ng pera ng bayan yang gumawa ng batas na yan. dapat sya ang mag seminar par

  54. Yes,maraming salamat po sa pag-alis ng CPD Law,ito po ay nagdagdag sa hirap ng mga guro.At iiwan ang klase dahil mag attend ng seminar dahil sa CPD.Ang yumaman ay ang nagbibigay ng mga trainings.

  55. agree pugutan na ng ulo yan. ako nga ni 1 CPD pt. wala dahil 12yrs sa dubai. ngayon paano ko na marenew ang license ko nito? walang kwinta CPD law na yan.

  56. I myself complain about the cost of training, workshops and other professional enhancement programs. I practice my profession in the industry that’s why most of my training are self-directed (I need to go to PRC for approval of the CPD points I earned.) But abolishing the CPD law will not solve the problem and might lower the quality of professionals (Remember, we professionals need to be competitive and must seek continuous learning to excel.) . Legislators must review the law and amend it, if favor of both the provider and learner meeting half-way). We need to be balanced and objective here, we don’t need to be sympathetic to the majority.

    F.A. Casareno (PECE)

  57. Professionals must be required to maintain a level of competence in their professions ie. civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Structural Engineering, Medical professionals, geodetic engineering, chemical engineering, chemists, physical therapists occupational therapists and all other professionals who are required
    by law to satisfy their fiduciary trusts in the practice of their professions.

    1. Walang kwenta ang batas na CPD dahil wala silang tamang pag aaral kung ilan dapat Cpd units per profession. Tulad naming CPA kailangan 100cpd units samantalang ang halos lahat ng propesyon ay below 50cpd units.

    2. kung gusto mo ng CPD walang pumpigil sayo boy.

      isa ka sa mga ahas na CPD provider na nagnanakaw ng pera namin sa mga walang kwentang seminars.

  58. Thank God…Abolish the CPD Law…malaking pagpapahirap sa mga professional at isang paraan ng korupsyon ng mga taong gobyerno na namumuhunan sa pagsasagawa ng walang kabuluhang seminars, trainings at workshop upang kumita lamang..Godspeed to all our SEnators who really cares to all professionals..natutulog lang po ang mga umaattend ng seminars kaya paano sasabihing continuing learning and professional development kung makikita mong pagod at wala ng makain mga professionals na umaattend ng seminars na hindi naman naiaapply sa trabaho nila sa araw araw..Continuous Prayers and novenas to abolish this Law..

  59. 1000% agree, isang kahibangan ang CPD CPD na yan. Even Licensed that are already in actual practice are also required to comply, kalokohan yan. Not to surprise, nagiging negosyo yan, pahirap at napakalaking balakid sa mga propisyonals na pumasa na nga sa napakahirap na exam, papahirapan pa ulit at peperahan pa! Wala talagang utak ang senador na maypakana ng CPD law na yan. GONGGONG!
    Kaya salamat sa mga senador na mag-aabolish sa di lang walang kwenta kung di pahirap pa na batas na yan!.

  60. Of course I agree, Imagine nag aral ka ng 5 taon, gumastos ka sa pag-aaral tapos hindi ka makakarenew dahil sa buwisit na batas na yan. Hindi naman nila isosoli yung binayad ko sa mga tuition. Tapos itong buwiset na UAP, kumikita ng malaki dahil sa batas na yan. Hostage ang license mo kung hindi sila magbibigay ng certificate

  61. Thank God the CPD law is abolished!! Its okay to attend seminars but there should be no definite number of units to be earned, it just makes it obligatory and a burden especially to Physicians who would rather spend more time taking care of their patients than running after CPD units.
    It also lessens the stress to Physicians who are working abroad who do not usually have the free time to attend all the seminars required.
    Thank you very much for your consideration

  62. I agree for the abolition of the CPD law. Kudos to all the senators that voted for its abolishment. What the senators must do now is to craft a law that will give affordable training or continuing education to all professionals.

    1. CPD Law is just the milking cow of Engineering Organizations for their advantage. Very little benefits are taken by an individual to this CPD. Experience is the best knowledge professionals can learn compared to the training these organizations are offering. With the technology that we have, the relevant information is just a click away.

  63. Indeed this Law must be abolished, it add burden to all professionals. Sen. Trillanes is not a visionary man, he always move for his own good not for other.

  64. there is nothing wrong with continuing professional development, this is for my personal improvement and enhancement of knowledge and skills. But CPD should also realize that the seminar has to be reduced. doon ako umaalma sa pagka mahal mahal… sa nursing profession alone, to complete the 45 units we have to pay 11, 500 worth of seminars and training just to renew a license for a cost of 900 pesos in PRC. Grabe.

  65. Nice to be ABOLISHED THE CPD! Learnings, Experiences and actual public practice of our profession are quite sufficient and if it’s not, PRC are obliged to give updates and seminars to upgrade our professions FOR FREE if this are their reasons..

  66. The PRC will not investigste because PICE is sharing what they collect.PNP sila meaning Pilipino Nakawan Pilipino.
    In Davao City alone during nakaw seminar at SMX and DAP auditorium.
    8,000 professional civil engr had registered to join for 4,000 per person.
    Just imagine in one quarter alone they collected 32 million and some cannot even est thier meals because the caterer gives small amount of food to earn more.
    We pretty know that there are 4 quarters per year meaning times 4 ysn in one yr kaya they make money 128 million per year in davao only. How about visayas ang luzon seminars.
    Engrs we are good in problem solving using only simple equation and we cannot afford this to continously happened. Many of you knows somebody close to legistors please make things fone by constant follow up dahil sabi ng PRC wala daw implementation order ang batas.

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