Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
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Seaman’s Girlfriend Marries Another Man After Spending Most of her Ex’s Money

The hardest part of love is when all your hard work and sacrifices went down the drain without any clue at all. But the more painful part is, you’re dreaming a bright future with the one you love while your partner is heading the other way. Some are less fortunate than others in a long distance relationship.

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No matter how much you want somebody if the feelings are not mutual the relationship is bound to fail. Learn how to love a person and be ready to get hurt when things don’t get your way.

Lesson Learned

Unfortunately, a Filipino seaman had to learn this lesson the hard way when all his earnings were put into waste. He wrote down the experience on Facebook which became viral for its sad ending.

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Facebook pages involving seafarers quickly spotted the story shared it with others to avoid this situation. This story could serve as a warning to others or it could create negative impressions to some depending on which side you are.

Dreams turned to nightmare

From sources, the Filipino seafarer gave his all to a former girlfriend Miracle Joy Esguerra Pascual. He brought Miracle Joy to different places around the world to give her an impression of the type of life he had in store. Two weeks later the Joy of his life broke up with him, all dreams turned into a nightmare. He found out that she was to be married to another man and worse of all she was impregnated by the new fiancé.

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Miracle Joy was not able to sustain her commitment to the man who loved her selflessly. She brought pain and suffering to the Filipino seafarer. Allegedly, she spread bad rumors about her former boyfriend and for fear of revenge she quit her job.


She has not released any statement about the issue at the moment. But other sources claimed that Miracle had broken up with her ex-boyfriend before getting involved with her present man. The question is, what did she do during those times when her former boyfriend was still on duty? It could be she was having two boyfriends at the same time and the breakup was the right thing to do because she was made pregnant by her new love. And Miracle was afraid of the consequences of her action if the former boyfriend knew what was going on while they were in a relationship.

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Whatever the reason, Miracle has all the right to choose whom she wants to love since she already broke up with him.

Moving forward

For the hurting guy, he can no longer bring back the relationship with Miracle. What he needs to do is to give his heart a rest and focus his attention on rebuilding his future again. Be thankful that this happened before they got married things could be worse if they were wed.

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Time heals all wounds including matters of the heart.

Source: FB

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