Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
Scared Pinay Worker

Scared Pinay Worker Hides In Her Room and Blocks The Door As Employer and Family Breaks The Doorhandle

A live video of the Pinay domestic worker struggling to block her door as the family of employer breaks its door handle had shocked the Filipino people and feel worried. 

According to the concerned citizen who posted the video, the Pinay worker in Jeddah, identified as Margie Suaso Busalanan is hiding in her room for fear that her employer along with her siblings will confiscate her mobile phone and take her somewhere. The siblings got angry with Margie for reporting to their sister, Margie’s employer, that she was molested by them. They wanted to get her phone and take her somewhere which Margie strongly refused and hides in the safety of her room. 

Frustrated action

However, the employer along with her family also refused to give up and scaringly breaks the doorknob of Margie’s room. It can be seen in the video that they are angry and frustrated to get a hold of Margie.

Margie said they only told her that they will go somewhere but did not mention a specific place. Not trusting her employer, wanting to be safe and feeling scared she hides into her bedroom. She also used her bed and washing machine to block her bedroom door. This is to prevent her employer from entering when the doorknob is fully damaged. Margie used her body’s strength to block the door also. However, she can’t handle it for a long time because she had not eaten for 2 days, the reason for her to feel weak. 

Help in ten minutes

Thanks to the active Facebook netizens who shares the video and Filipino advocates, the Pinay’s situation was immediately reported to Philippine authorities abroad. In just ten minutes officials of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office POLO immediately contacted Margie’s agency, Nonstop Overseas Employment Corporation and order them to call Margie’s employer to send the latter to POLO office.


Posted by Menjun Dumanjug Binoloac on Saturday, September 14, 2019

Source: Facebook

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