Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Zhayin Xhin

Scared OFW Desperately Asks To Be Rescued From Her Employer, Saved By Duterte Admins

Another scared domestic worker desperately asks to be rescued from her employer.

Zhayin Xhin, a domestic worker in Taif, posted a video of herself in OFW Assistance Group Volunteers (Aksyon Bantay OFW) Facebook group, worriedly asking for help.

In the video, Zhayin fearfully asked to be rescued from her employer. According to her, her employer is calling the police to report her of allegedly hurting their child when the truth is it’s their child who is hurting her. Added that her employer got angry, refused to believe her claim of being hurt by their child and told her that they will reverse her statement to the police officer.

Due to her fear, Zhayin cries hard while taking the video that you can’t really hear what she’s saying, but one thing is clear, she desperately asks to be rescued immediately before the police arrive.

Already Rescued

We read the comments on her video hoping to see someone saying that she was already rescued, but we found nothing. However, when we go to her Facebook profile, there we see that she was already in the Philippines and with her family. She also has a public post saying her gratitude to ATTY. EDWIN BAEL and KUYA RODEL for helping her. It was also in her comment that we found out that the two persons she mentioned in her post are Duterte admins.

Zhayin Xhin

It’s not important whether the ones who helped her are a pro admin or not. What’s important is she was saved immediately before anything worse happens to her. Kudos to the concerned netizens who shared her post, it definitely contributes big to the rescue of the Zhayin.

Source: Facebook

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