Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Filipina Cries On Facebook

Scared Filipina Cries On Facebook As She Talks About What Her Employer Did And Plan To Do With Her

It is really not easy to work abroad especially if you’re working as a household worker. One can never know her future and what’s worst is your life is in the hand of your employer.

As much as you want to get out immediately from a dire situation, you can’t because of a more dangerous situation outside. Every woman can’t go out alone without the company of a man. It is due to a fact that women are not entitled to any rights in Saudi Arabia.

This is the reason why most OFWs household service worker asks help in social media for a reason that they can’t do anything but wait for help from their agency, POEA or POLO.

Filipina cries on Facebook

Recently, Celine Dalaguit went live on Facebook, crying as she recalls what happened to her.

In the video, Celine shows how she made the sofa as a door barrier because it has no lock. And how she sleeps beside the sofa for her to know immediately if someone intrude her room.

Angry female employer

Celine said that it was when she did her medical exams together with her employer when her female employer got angry with her. According to Celine, her female employer refused to send her back to the agency, said that she (employer) wanted her money back first before she’ll do that.

So Celine had no choice but to go with her male employer to get an Iqama.

Sexually harassed by the male employer

When they got home, Celine said that the male employer wants to get her cellphone and sim but she refused. It is when her male employer touched every intimate part of her body. The female employer also told her that it is better if she’s r-p3d by her husband.

Celine said that she already contacted POLO and POEA in regards to her situation.

We hope that Celine will be rescued immediately while her employer had not succeeded in their plan yet.

Saudi Arabia, Abha.Sarat Aubedah..Al wahabh villages.

Celine Dalaguitさんの投稿 2018年10月31日水曜日

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