Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
Vivian Marquez

Saudi Employer Forces Pinay Domestic Help To Work Even In A Wheelchair

Working even sick or injured, these are mostly the situation of Filipina Domestic workers abroad especially, in the Middle East. One can not comprehend the mind of employers who still insist on their household help to do house chores even though they can clearly see that their household help is sick or injured. And in this case, a Pinay domestic worker in Saudi is forced by the employer to still work even though she’s already in a wheelchair. 

A concerned friend, Vivian Marquezasked help through social media for her friend Precious Dianne Elnas, who is suffering in the hands of her bad-treating employer. In the series of pictures and video posted by Marquez, an OFW Precious Dianne Elnas who’s leg is cast and in a wheelchair, can be seen working around the house, mapping the floor Marquez said that Elnas was pushed by her employer’s child, the reason for her to fall from the stairs. But despite her leg injuries, the employer still insists on her to work, cook food, and even do the laundry. Added that when Elnas pleads to go home, they accused her of stealing instead and even bought her a wheelchair to give her no reason to go home. 

Marquez is worried about her friend and is hoping to get immediate help through her post. 

The OFW’s agency in the Philippines is EJM Global Manpower.

Posted by Vivian Marquez on Sunday, September 29, 2019


Marquez commented three days ago that her friend is about to be rescued. You’d think that everything is fine by then but, the employer won’t stop being mean to her even for that moment. They packed her clothes with a garbage bag. 


However, despite this, we are still thankful that Elana is already rescued and will not suffer more int the hands of her bad-treating employer. 

Hi to all.mangayo lang sang tabang ani kay ate tisay isa po siyang OFW dito sa SAUDI ARABIA dammam city.hindi napo…

Posted by Vivian Marquez on Sunday, September 29, 2019

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