Tue. May 21st, 2019
1 Million fine

SAR 1 Million fine for keeping employee’s passpost and abuse

1 million Saudi Riyals fine to employers who are keeping an employee’s passport, forced labor, slavery and abuse, according to the post of RiyadConnect website.

RiyadConnect website posted that, Saudi Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution announced on its Twitter account that up to 15 years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to SAR 1 million be will be imposed on employers in the Kingdom that retains employees passport, if they will force them to work, abuse their employees or threaten them, describing this as “human trafficking”.

The penalties will increase in case of human trafficking, a crime against women, children or people with special needs.

The Labor Ministry has reiterated that it is the right of foreign workers to keep their passports and official documents. Anybody violating this rule will face serious penalties, said Taysir Al-Mofraj, the ministry’s spokesman.

Updated: The same was posted at argaam website but both website does not have any link to the actual twitter post they claimed that was posted by Saudi Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution. Is this SAR 1 Million fine true?

Can our employers keep our passport?

(Riyadh, 21 May 2015) The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh reiterates to all Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia that, under the Saudi and Philippine law, they have the right to keep and hold on to their Philippine passports while working in Saudi Arabia.

The Philippine passport is considered to be the property of the Republic of the Philippines and only the bearer has the right to keep it in his custody.

Philippine law also states that:

SEC. 11. Ownership of PassportsA Philippine passport remains at all times the property of the Government, the holder being a mere possessor thereof as long as it is valid and the same may not be surrendered to any person or entity other than the government or its representative: Provided, That a Filipino citizen may voluntarily surrender his/her passport to a Philippine Service Post for storage and safekeeping for which a proper receipt shall be issued for use when reclaiming the passport at a later date. Source: gov.ph

Source: RiyadConnect

11 thoughts on “SAR 1 Million fine for keeping employee’s passpost and abuse

  1. Salam…first of all i would like to know even me can i keep my passport even i under the agency… When came here my agency take my own passport and they will not given to me…can i hold my passport sukran

  2. My company is forcing us to sign new contract not same with the contract attested by owwa, and have changes in hour of duty, if we dont sign they will hold our attendance and will not recieve salary is this legal??

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