Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
Jeanelyn Villavende

Recruitment Agency Turned Deaf Ears on Jeanelyn Villavende’s Plea for Help

Labor Chief Silvestre Bello III reported that the recruitment agency that processed Jeanelyn Villavende’s deployment to Kuwait could lose its license after failing to help the deceased OFW. 

“As early as September, she already complained about maltreatment and underpayment of salary,” Bello reported. “She also repeatedly requested the agency for repatriation, but they did not do anything,” Bello added in his statement that they would ask some explanation from the agency on why they failed to take action.

Jeanelyn Villavende

It was July when the 26-years old left South Cotabato to work as a domestic helper in Kuwait. However, she has allegedly received maltreatment from her employers. As early as September, she raised a complaint about maltreatment and non-payment of the agreed salary to her recruitment agency. She even pleaded for repatriation, however, the agency did not take any action. 

Villavende’s last contact with her family was October. Her family tried to call her again on December 13 however it was the employer that answered the phone, refusing to hand the phone over as she claimed that the OFW was busy. 

She was allegedly beaten “black and blue” by her employers which lead to her death. The employers are currently under custody while the murder investigation is still ongoing. 

The murder of OFW has angered the government and prompted a ban prohibiting Philippine domestic workers from traveling to Kuwait. The said ban took effect on January 3. “This should serve as a clear message to Kuwaiti authorities. The partial ban may ripen into total deployment ban if justice for Jeanelyn Villavende is not met,” warned Bello. 

Jeanelyn Villavende

Villavende’s murder is the latest in a series of maltreatment and abuses encountered by Filipino workers in the Middle East. As the investigation continues, the family of Villaverde is praying for justice and the repatriation of her body. 

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  1. Dear Government ng Pilipinas,sana panindigan nio ang total ban lalo na sa mga DH..kawawa po talaga ang trato nila sa kasambahay dito,80 percent po.Tulad ng Indonesia,Indian..ban po ang DH.Napakasinungaling po cla..wlang batas dito para sa mga expat..tama n po.

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