Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
struggles of these abused Filipinos

Recruiter Agency To Household Help Sexual Harassment Complaint, “Iwasan mo nalang”

Being an overseas Filipino worker especially those who work as domestic help is not easy. These Filipinos face more struggles and more prone to abuse than any other Filipinos working abroad. The reason for this is they are staying in the house of their employer. So technically, their future as a domestic help lies in the hand of their employer.

Not easy to ask help

Also, one of the many struggles of these abused Filipinos is finding help. It’s in the protocol that abused Filipinos should contact their recruit agency first whenever they are harassed by their employer or somehow feel that they are in a bad situation. However, what will you do if your recruit agency tells you to just ignore what is being done to you?

struggles of these abused Filipinos

Sexually Harassed Domestic help

Ruelen Torrelino shares her disappointment to her recruit agency when they refused to rescue her and advised her instead to avoid and ignore her male employer’s sexual harassment to her. According to Ruelen, her agency reasoned out that her male employer is already old, 70 years old, that maybe he’s not in the right mind and has no idea what he’s doing.

Ang sabi pa iwasan ko nlang kasi 70 na xa parang wala na daw sa sarili nd na alam ang ginagawa

However, if you’ll read Ruelen’s complaint letter you can see that her situation can’t be and shouldn’t be ignored. The male employer had many times attempted to do more than just touching her. What’s more worrying was there were times that her employer showed off his knife and disturbingly smiles at her.


Ruelen doesn’t only suffer from sexual harassment but other abuses as well.

  • She has no privacy. No own room.
  • Not allowed to drink mineral water but water from the faucet.
  • Only allowed to eat once a day at 3pm. Etc.

You wouldn’t also believe it but her agency also advised her to not report her situation to the Philippine Overseas Labor POLO. Her agency’s name is HAPPY WORLD HUMAN RESOURCES AND INC.

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