Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
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Reasons Why Foreign Employer Prefer Filipino Workers

Once called a “nation of gypsies” Filipino workers are the best exports of the country since the 1960s. Since then, overseas Filipino workers or OFWs have been called the backbone of the economy, the new heroes. Last year alone, OFWs sent 180.3 billion pesos in remittances.

The number of Filipino population working abroad from April to September last year reached 2.4 million.

There are other source countries in the world for foreign workers aside from the Philippines yet most foreign employers prefer to hire Filipinos first.

Here’s why:

Behavior and attitude

Filipinos are usually good employees. They follow the rules and company policies and have respect for authority. They are also a peace loving bunch who tries to avoid conflict and aim for a win-win solution for every situation. This paints a rather meek personality, however, when put in a position to decide and lead, most will rise up to the occasion and lead the company to greater profits.

Another trait that others see in Filipinos is their loyalty. Filipinos would usually stay and work for a company despite hardships if they feel they are properly compensated or if they see that the employer is working as hard as they do.

Ability and competence

Filipinos are found worldwide and they are usually “the most talented, well educated (sic) and multilingual” people who are “better educated than workers from other countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Indonesia.”

Firstly, our English proficiency is undisputed. Many Filipino workers in and out of the country speak English well, granted that there are some who are not as good, most Filipinos are better in English than most other countries. Our English communication skills put us at a greater advantage because it helps us do our job well.

Filipino workers are also usually highly skilled college graduates. In addition, according to Philippine Economic Zone (PEZA), Filipinos are highly trainable. Other countries take 4 to 6 months to train while Filipinos only need 2 months.

Aside from professional know-how, Filipinos are also known for being creative and they do not hesitate to share their talent with their colleagues. Filipinos creativity is marked with “artistry, expressiveness, spontaneity and humor.

Youthful and sunny personality

Filipinos consistently rank highly among the happiest countries list. In 2015, we were ranked 5th along with Singapore, Switzerland and Uruguay.

You are almost certain in almost anywhere Filipinos gather there will be laughter, singing and loads of food. Plus, their happiness is contagious, join a group and you’ll instantly feel much lighter in spirit and fuller in the tummy. Now, what company would not like a happy environment?


Personally, I think we are one of the most adaptable people on the planet. Either it is our way of accepting fate or just our ability to ease into any situation with a positive, can-do attitude. Whatever it is, it sure amazes foreigners.

We are also culturally resilient due to our long history and cultural influences from Spain and America infused with what is innately Asian in us, we are the “best of the east and the west.” This gives us a unique position between Western employers and Asian colleagues.

Nurturing and hospitable

Filipino workers are known for being nurturing and hospitable that is why we are perfect for health and service roles. This is not to say that we are only good for these types of jobs, there is a lot more we can do. But for some reason, there are no other country who has that caring personal touch like we do.

Our outstanding humanity, our emotional and social adeptness, is a distinctive asset for the millions of Filipinos working abroad.

Industry and resourcefulness

Filipinos are also known as hardworking people. You can see a Filipino working under the desert sun in the Middle East, caring for the aged in Canada, behind the cashiers in Singapore stores, running a household in Hong Kong, in the line of a Taiwanese factory, teaching English in Thailand  – and everywhere else. Whatever the job is, a Filipino would usually give their utmost attention and deliver 100% satisfaction.

The combination of traits and competency we have makes us one of the best workers in the world. Add the fact that there is nothing Filipinos will not do for their family back home. Hiring a Filipino, is usually, a recipe for a company’s success.


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