Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Raffy Tulfo In Action: Wife Complaints About Husband Cheating With Her Sister

Ellen Paa, an OFW in Taiwan, went back home in the Philippines and sought help from Raffy Tulfo about the extramarital affair going on between her husband Ferdinand Paa and her sister Tessie Lloren.

The Witness

CJ Paa, son of Ellen and Ferdinand Paa, gave his statement to Raffy Tulfo through phone patch.

According to him, he witnessed the alleged affair when they were in Tagaytay. He and his aunt Tessie were talking when Ferdinand went to the car, after fifteen minutes Tessie followed his father. CJ and a friend of her aunt noticed there was a “suspicious” movement in the said car. Out of curiosity, both of them approached the car and saw Ferdinand and Tessie inside the car together.

He felt so angry that time, but he chose to keep what he witnessed from her mother.

The Accused

Raffy Tulfo also reached Ferdinand to get the statement of the latter. During the interview, Ferdinand insistently asked Ellen to talk about the issue in their home. He also denied the allegations of his son and strongly insisted he did not do anything wrong despite the pieces of evidence.

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To Raffy’s dismay, he suggested to Ferdinand instead of making his son a liar and his wife a fool he should ask for the forgiveness so both of them could move forward on their life.

In the end, he asked apology to his wife, but Raffy Tulfo noticed it was an insincere apology.

The Mistress

When Ellen is about to leave for Taiwan Ferdinand gave her assurance that he will stop his wrongdoing. However, Tessie sent text messages containing the conversation of Ferdinand and herself to Ellen. It only showed that her husband did not cut the alleged affair with his sister-in-law.

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The Resolution

Raffy and Ellen agreed to pursue the legal charges against Ferdinand including child a**** because their son is minor when he witnessed his father’s infidelity. Ellen also requested for works’ dismissal of both offenders who work in the same company.

Ellen decided to stay strong for CJ. She may be seeking justice for the betrayal experienced from her husband and her sister, but as a parent, she is undeniably a strong woman who will keep going with her life for the sake of her son.

Watch the video below.

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