Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Mistreated Workers

Raffy Tulfo helped Seven Mistreated Workers Safely Home

Each Overseas Filipino Workers has their own reason why they chose to work overseas. And it all comes to one, being able to help and give their family a better life.

However, not all OFWs are fortunate enough to have a good life working overseas and fulfill all their dreams. Just like these 7 maltreated OFWs.

Their stories

Lea decided to go abroad to fulfill her dream of making her 2 children finish their studies. But instead, what confronted her is a suffering. He was maltreated and threatened to end her life by her employer.

Wanting to help her mother who’s peddling vegetables, Fatima decided to work abroad. But she didn’t expect that life will be worst in the hands of her employer. Her employer still requires her to work endlessly even if
she had difficulties in breathing and vomited blood.

Irra chose to leave her work as a fast food surveyor and decided to go abroad to build a business but instead what she got is trauma. Irra fell into the hands of a sick-minded employer and often times tries to take advantage of her.

Jemelyn went abroad for her only daughter’s future but was taken advantage by her employer instead. Her employer hurt and strangle her.

Annaliza only wanted to give her family a better life but suffers in overseas instead. Aside from not getting any salary, her employer also hurt her and won’t let her eat.

When her husband was imprisoned, Jay Marie was forced to work abroad thinking that it’s the best way to support her 4 children but mistaken. Her first employer sold her and her new employer is a “sick” man.

Ranilo worked as a tricycle driver and decided to go abroad for his family’s future. However, he didn’t expect that he’ll be among the group of OFWs whose employers refused to release their exit visa.

Good thing, there’s still someone like Raffy Tulfo who’s willing to help those in need. As of now, all OFWs are safe and happy with their family in the Philippines.

Pitong OFW na minamaltrato. Idol Raffy to the rescue, at mga update sa kanila.

Pitong OFW na minamaltrato. Idol Raffy to the rescue, at mga update sa kanila.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube: http://bit.ly/1RaffyTulfoOfficialYoutubeFacebook: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialFacebookInstagram: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialInstagramWebsite: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialWebsite

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