Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Queen Elizabeth II awarded the ‘British Empire Medal’ to Pinay Nurse for COVID-19 efforts

The global crisis today, COVID-19, has changed most of our daily lives. This has a great impact on frontliners, especially doctors and nurses. They are the ones who will take care of the infected individuals and are more prone to catching the virus and get infected. They are the heroes in this global crisis and one of them is a Filipina in the United Kingdom who has received recognition for her efforts in the global crisis we face today. 

A Filipino nurse based in England was appreciated by the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, and was awarded the prestigious ‘British Empire Medal’, declared by the University Hospitals Dorset SLIM Foundation Trust on 10 October.  The award came in recognition of Minnie Klepacz ‘s contribution to her colleagues and nursing society during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Filipina, who works at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, was among the 414 names honored in Queen Elizabeth’s 2020 Birthday Honors List. Klepacz spearheaded the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Hospital Network. She has been helping to provide vulnerability support to hospital workers.

She also extended assistance to the Filipino community by preparing meals for colleagues recovering after being in intensive care, helping others relocate to a new home, and arranging virtual community gatherings to provide comfort to fellow OFWs. 

She has been working in England since 2001.

“I will send my medal home to the Philippines. Growing up, my mother has always displayed all our achievements proudly in the lounge, as she was so proud of all of us. Since I can’t see my family right now, it’s only right that they have my award, “she said to UHD.

Klepacz is one of many OFWs in the world that deserves the same award as they are the modern heroes in the world, sacrificing their time to different people and being away from their loved ones just to improve their situation in the Philippines.

Source: FaceBook

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