Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Proud Domestic Worker Shares How Kind Her Employer Is

Oftentimes, in the case of employer and domestic worker relationships, we barely heard about the employer being kind to their workers. What we heard most of the time is the employees be it Filipinos or other nationalities abused their workers. And this is most common in the Middle East area.

But as much as you know this much, it is also true that not all employers are like this. There are still those employers who treat their workers well though they are very hard to find, nowadays.

Kind employer

A Pinay worker is fortunate to have found one of these kind employers. Ali Alta Bercilla, shares on Facebook how blessed she is for her employer. According to Ali, her employer treats her as a family that her madam reminds her repeatedly to eat and cook anything she wants. And when her madam goes home from work, she always has a ‘pasalubong’ for Ali. Also, her Baba hasn’t skipped giving her salary and always asks how she is even when he’s on vacation for three months.

Other than that, she also not required to finish all the household chores in a day because she’s taking care of her employer’s baby. And when the baby is asleep, she can sleep as well.

Won’t abuse employers’ kindness

Despite all the goodness that Ali received from her employer, she doesn’t forget to return it with kindness and hard work as well. And treat them as a family and their child as her child too.

In the end, she reminded everyone to pray always and to not forget to check on their family in the Philippines.

Proud Domestic Worker

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