Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
Officer Terminated After Going To Abu Dhabi

Police Officer Terminated After Going To Abu Dhabi To Take Care Of His Sick OFW Wife

Filipinos who decided to be an Overseas worker are not the only one who suffers from their chosen occupation. Their family suffers too. Though the difficulties don’t involve the physical aspect, it involves the emotional aspect on both sides.

Overseas Filipino worker is not the only ones who long to be with their family especially during tough times, their family too in the Philippines feel the same. If resources (finances) and time will allow, surely, everyone wants to be with their family all the time.

A loving and thoughtful husband

Being an OFW, learning that you are sick while you’re working in a foreign country is not easy. It is also not easy for your family in the Philippines. During this difficult time, we all know that the urged from both sides to be with each other, to support each other is great. One wishes to go back home immediately, while the other wish to fly where their family is and take care of her/him. And that’s what this husband does when he learns that his OFW wife in Abu Dhabi is sick.

A husband who works as a police officer in the Philippines immediately flies to Abu Dhabi to take care of his wife when he learns that she is sick and in the hospital. However, this thoughtful act cost him to lose his job. The husband got terminated from his service as a police officer.

Netizen’s reactions

It is still unknown what caused the termination of the husband. But, many netizens presumed that the husband did not file a leave and goes AWOL (Absent Without Leave) which caused him to lose his job.

Many also talk about their disappointment with what happened to the husband. Said that it is unfair when he only wanted to take care of his sick wife. Added that why can’t the government let it slide.

Whatever the reason is behind the husband’s termination. we hope that it can be resolved in no time.

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