Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

Please, Help Identify This OFW

OFW JOIN FORCE – Ang Boses At Kakampi Ng Mga OFW admin, urges anyone whoever know this OFW to come forward and identify her.

It seems like a concerned citizen sends them a video of an OFW but failed to give the OFW’s complete information.

Abused OFW

According to the sender, the OFW is a victim of abuse. She found out about it when the OFW arrived at their place together with her employer. The OFW is working as a domestic helper to the sibling of the sender’s employer.

In addition, the sender said that the OFW has been working with her employer for seven months. And been reporting her situation to their agency, ARANDREA MANPOWER AGENCY, but no action taken.


Disheartening situation

The sender also details how the OFW’s employer is abusing the OFW. She said that Madam Saliha Alshammari, the OFW’s employer, is hurting her physically. Added that the employer pours a gallon of Clorox to the OFW because according to the employer, the OFW is not taking a bath properly. The OFW swallowed some of the Clorox and some goes inside her eyes.

A more disheartening situation

That is not all. The OFW only receives a monthly salary of 1000sr because she’s not doing her job correctly according to the employer. What’s more disheartening with her situation is her parent died, but employer forbids her to go home. Said that she needs to pay 20,000SR firsts before she can go home.

Her video was posted in OFW JOIN FORCE – Ang Boses At Kakampi Ng Mga OFW Facebook page last June 1 and until now, the OFW has still no definite identification. We urge everyone to share this story and help find someone who knows the OFW, give complete details so that the OFW can receive immediate help.

Watch her below:

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