Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Escape Through Window

Pinay Tries To Escape Through The Window Accidentally Fell

Pinay who tries to escape through the window and accidentally fell broke both heels.

A concerned netizen, Nheng Porras Diamante, posted on her Facebook timeline asking help for her fellow Filipina friend. According to Diamante, her friend tries to escape through the window going down using blankets that are tied together but did not manage to hold on to it, the reason for her to fell and broke both heels.

Pinay Tries To Escape Through The Window

The Philippine embassy refused to help (at first)

She added that her friend had undergone both heels operation and Ministry of Saudi shouldered half of the expenses. So they had to pay the other half which is 18,882SR, they managed to get a 2,082 discount but still have to pay 16,800SR. Also, Diamante said that they had asked help from the Philippine embassy in regards to her friend’s condition but they refused to help them. She added that they get to pay the 16,800SR bill with the help of the victim’s other friend which is from a different race (ibang lahi).

The victim’s name is Marina G. Mayo from Bliss Baloganon Masinloc Zambales.

Escape from whom?

Diamante refused to disclose the real reason behind her friend’s dangerous action. But she did assure everyone that she did not escape from the employer.


No Iqama

One netizen also commented that the Pinay allegedly tries to escape because they have no iqama and her Pakistani ex-boyfriend threatened them that he will bring the police to arrest them. Added that the victim had another Seryan boyfriend and is the one who paid the 16,800SR hospital bill.



The Philippine embassy is now helping the Pinay victim and will shoulder all of their expenses. An OWWA personnel already had visited and talked with the victim.

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