Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Pinay Proud Na Nakapangsakit Ng Kasamahang Pinay Rin

Whether you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker or not, meeting a fellow Filipino when you are abroad especially, if you are a domestic worker and surrounded with other nationalities, is somewhat both exciting and offers comfort. This is because you can have someone who can understand you in culture and tradition. However, the reality is, not all OFWs feel the same. There are times that OFWs found an enemy instead of a friend when meeting a fellow OFW. And in this case, a domestic worker is proud of hurting a fellow worker.

Sister asks help for the abused OFW sibling

Ruby Bejos, the sister of the abused domestic worker, asks help and reveal in social media to what happened to her sister in the hands of her fellow domestic worker. According to Ruby, her sister was beaten by a fellow domestic worker for a reason she snores (naghihilik) when she sleeps. The OFW acquired bruises in different parts of her body.

Not sorry and proud

Instead of being sorry, the offender, Che Sel (Facebook name), proudly posts about what she did to her fellow Pinay worker. In a series of posts shared by Bejos, Chel Se proudly talks about how she beats Rodilyn.


On the contrary, Che Sel also posted about how she felt happy at first to know that she’ll have a workmate. However, she also expressed her regret for agreeing to her employer when asked if she wanted to have a companion to help her with the house chores. According to her, Rodilyn is ‘sipsip’ and ‘bungangera’ plus, she doesn’t help her with cooking and washing dishes. And what annoys her more is Rodily snores when she sleeps. Said that instead of saying sorry to her for snoring, Rodilyn acts proud, the reason for her to get angry and beats Rodilyn.


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Magandang araw po mga ka-FB.Siya po ang ate kung si Rodilyn Trinidad na kasalukuyang OFW sa Saudi. Binugbog po siya ng…

Posted by Ruby Bejos on Friday, November 8, 2019

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