Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

Pinay OFW Recipient of the Kindness of a Saudi Arabia Employer

It is true that not all foreign employers treat our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) without any respect, particularly in Saudi Arabia. In this story, a Filipina domestic helper has been treated well by her employers like their real family member.

Contrary to what is often reported about the daily struggles of OFWs in the Middle East, Mhai Mansueto San Pedro can be considered as one of the luckiest Filipino migrant workers out there. She is blessed enough to meet such employers who are caring and generous to low-profile people like her.


Mhai has received some financial blessings that would enable her to open a new business in the Philippines. Her generous employers even provided monetary support for home repairs as well as for the treatment of her ovarian cyst.


She can manage her work stress with ease because her thoughtful employers consider her as one of the family members at home. She is currently performing housekeeping duties at four different houses, taking good care of five kids and working with 14 different employers at various locations.

Within a year and six months, the hardworking Filipina was able to put up some investments with the assistance of her helpful employers. In fact, the outspoken OFW was given enough capital to start an online business. Surprisingly, when her employers found out about the awful condition of Mansueto’s family home in the Philippines, they sent her some money to have it repaired which would start soon. On top of this, her supportive employers shouldered the expenses of her medical treatment without any condition.

old house

Mhai once recalled, based on her previous interview, that her female employer gave her some expensive watches and bags in exchange for a simple favor of putting her some make-up. She recently sent a package to her family in the Philippines and most of the contents were gifts from her loving employers.

The Pinay OFW is fortunate enough to land a decent job in a place where she is able to enjoy a family-oriented atmosphere. It is just right for Mhai to reward her employers with excellent work performance and selfless love.


Each day, numerous complaints about maltreatment and poor working conditions of OFWs are either reported or posted on social media. But many Filipinos are still decided to embark on a difficult journey away from the Philippines in order to earn a little more. According to a 2016 survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are approximately 2.3 million Filipinos working overseas. There are millions of courageous OFWs who are able to support their family’s needs without worrying about safety and Mhai is one of them.

Mhai’s comfortable life in Saudi Arabia is proof that not all OFWs in the Middle East are maltreated. Some may not be as fortunate as others and she is one of those blessed ones.

Source: KAMI

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