Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Pinay in Dubai does Charity Work Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Despite struggling to feed her family a Pinay OFW in Dubai is helping her fellow OFW to relieve their hunger as they become jobless and need to find something to eat in order to survive the COVID-19 crisis. Hundreds of OFW line up to receive food, seeing this Pinay OFW as a ray of hope so they would not go hungry for a day.

The Pinay OFW in question is named as Ma’am Feby, she has gone viral for feeding her fellow OFWs in Dubai, which are jobless due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many Pinoys line up to receive food from Ma’am Feby as they become jobless and have nowhere else to turn to have food.

One netizen told Ma’am Feby after receiving his/her food,

“Ma’am, hindi ko akalain na pupunta ako ng ibang bansa para manlimos ng pagkain.” [“Ma’am, I did not expect that migrating to another country I became a beggar for food.”]

According to Ma’am Feby, she is not rich and is also struggling to make meet ends for her family especially during this time in the COVID-19 crisis. But she also could not bear seeing her fellow OFWs suffering from losing their jobs and going hungry. She admits that she fears to contract the COVID-19 disease as many people gather for food, yet she wept thinking that her fellow OFWs without food and starving. 

Ma’am Feby asks the Philippine Government to do something, as she and her friends’ funds are running dry and could no longer help her fellow OFWs. Their fund will soon run dry! Who will help them?

She added that it is not her responsibility, yet as a human being her conscience could not take in seeing her fellow OFWs’ troubles and knowing that her help could make a difference and help them survive until help arrives.

Ma’am Feby also quoted this:

“Hindi ho dahilan ang kayo ay nabawasan ng suweldo para tumulong sa kapwa niyo.”

[“Losing some of your salaries is not the reason not to help others.”]

Link for the whole story: Facebook

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