Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
Worker Surprised By Employers

Pinay Domestic Worker Surprised By Employers On Her Birthday

Employers celebrate Pinay worker’s birthday.

Even before there is always this division between societies in which you cannot mix the rich and the poor. It seems like there’s a wall permanently built between these two societies. Although some have conquered this wall, there’s still many who feels uncomfortable to interact with someone whom they think don’t belong with their community. And this situation is also accurate with the employer and employee.

As you all know, most household workers feel awkward interacting with their employer freely, the reason that they feel intimidated towards them. It is also the same as the employer to their employees. They feel awkward because they think that their life status is much better than the employee. To them, their world is very different from the employee that treating them as their equal is impossible. But not this employer though.

Domestic Worker Surprised By Employers

Kind employer

The whole family of the kind employer celebrates their Pinay household worker’s birthday. In the video posted by her sister in FDW in Singapore Facebook page, a Pinay was surprised by the whole family of her employer. The whole family sings a birthday song to her while giving her cake.

Domestic Worker Surprised By Employers

The Pinay worker didn’t mind about her birthday as it is Ramadan and she’s very busy in the kitchen. So she was very pleased and surprised that her employers initiate to celebrate it with them. The Pinay worker could not contain her happiness that she cries as her employers sing her happy birthday. She also received a gift bag from them.

Domestic Worker Surprised By Employers

The Pinay worker said that she’s thankful and blessed for her employers’ kindness who treat her like a family.

Indeed, being kind to others is not that difficult no matter how different your world is. We hope that this story may serve as an inspiration to other employers to treat their employees better.

Watch the video here: FB

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