Sat. May 30th, 2020

Pinay Domestic Worker Escapes From Bad-treating Employer

Despite the 24-hour lockdown in Saudi Arabia due to the COVID19 pandemic, one Pinay domestic worker courageously escapes from her ill-mannered employer.

In a caption posted by a concerned netizen who’s also an OFW in Saudi, she stated that she found the OFW in Facebook live and it happens that she’s near to where the OFW is so she did not hesitate to go to her.

Thankfully, the police who found the OFW loitering the street help her and sends her immediately to the hospital.

In the video, the OFW relates her distressing experience with her bad-treating employer. It can be seen that her body is full of healed-wounds clear evidence to the sufferings she endured from her employer.

The OFW has a big lump on her forehead. She also has burn scars on the side of her stomach. According to her, she got the scar when her employer purposely pours hot water to her.

“Nung January 20 po binuhusan ako neto (referring to her scars) pina ano po sakin yung manok sabi po sakin Sura Sura dito daw yung manok hindi ko naman po alam na pag bukas ko ng takip nung ano inanu yung tubig sakin,” stated the OFW.

Added that her employer threatens her afterward to not report anything or else worst will happen to her.

“Sabi ng madam ko..wag daw ako magsasabi na ganyan nangyari sakin kung di di lang ganyan mangyayari sakin.”

Posted by Daum Huiijo Sung Yongjhun on Friday, April 17, 2020

Moreover, the OFW said that she’s been reporting her situation to her agency since January but they only ignore it, instead asked her to tell lies.

“Sinabihan ako na magvideo daw ako..vivideohan daw ako na sabihin ko na okay lang daw ako sa bahay na yun. Vinideohan nga ako pero di ako nagsalita kaya ganun ginawa sakin.”

Ka Bong, a well-known advocate for distress OFWs saw the video and readily help the OFW. She’s now safe and in good hands.

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