Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Pinay Doctor in UAE Offers FREE Online Consultation

A Filipina doctor in the UAE has been offering an online consultation to help fellow ex-pats and keep them well informed about the things they do and decide about their health and well-being. 

Dr. Aileen Villanueva was the recipient of the Filipino Times Healthcare Professional of the Year 2018. She has been conducting an “Online Consultation with Dr. Aileen” for Filipinos and other expatriates in the UAE who need professional and medical advice on their health in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Dr. Aileen said through a Facebook post that she would spend time on her two-week break to help those seeking medical help.

“In our current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, many lost their jobs with the cancellation of their health insurances, there’s a fear of visiting clinics or hospitals, rather they will pause and think, “what if I get the virus?”.For these reasons, I came up with “online consultation with Dr. Aileen,” and I know that this action of mine is going to make a difference even to a little support from me, and it’s not how much we do, but how much LOVE you put on whatever you do, “says Dr. Villanueva.

The Filipina doctor hopes that through this free online consultation, she will be able to breathe fresh air in times of trouble because prevention is so much better than cure. She also wants to help those in the UAE with a visa visit and no health insurance.

“There are so many opportunities to help people out. I have a great responsibility as a doctor for the welfare of the people, “says Villanueva. 

Dr. Villanueva will give her free services on her Facebook page.

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